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self-pity, pessimism, optimism, explanatory styles, attribution, existentialism,

Why Me? – How To End Self-Pity!

“Why Me?”
That’s the question that plagues almost every victim of a bad experience – an illness, a loss, an accident, abuse, molestation, betrayal, a death of a loved one, and so forth.

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The Fertile Void, Gestalt, Frtiz Perls

Finding Yourself In The Fertile Void of Now

“The Fertile Void” is a space or phase when you can’t make sense of what is happening, you cannot attribute real meaning to it; you are unsure about who you are, where you are, where you’re heading and what life is about, and so it feels empty, completely empty.

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shared vales, arguments, clashing values, timing in relationships

How To Prevent The Top 2 Causes Of Breakups

Most couples ignore such clashes in values until they become deal breakers, not realizing they were always unspoken deal breakers.
Thus, it makes sense that “bad timing” is also one of the top 5 causes of breakups cited by both men and women.

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covid-19 uncertainty, instability, the unknown, “Doubt is an uncomfortable condition, but certainty is a ridiculous one.” - Voltaire, Psychologist and economist, Daniel Kahneman

7 Ways To Embrace This Uncertainty & Become Empowered

Think of your own life prior to the pandemic; what did you believe was guaranteed or certain? Your marriage, relationship, job, career, health, or investments?…Most people choose predictability, the known and even routine over the unknown because it gives a sense of safety, security, and stability. However, life is not experienced in a linear fashion.

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How To Overcome The Grief

How To Overcome The Grief and Loss From Covid-19. Grief Recovery Process

7. Reality Check. If you pause, you will realize that the majority of your pain stems from wanting things to be different – the inability (refusal to accept) that things are not the way you want them to be. Perhaps you want the past to be better, different or to never end. We often fall into the misconception and expectation that things, relationships, and people will last forever and never change or, worse, that they will change the way we want.

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grieving process; 5 stages of grief; grief recovery method

We Are All Grieving – Beware of These 7 Dangerous Myths

The pandemic has resulted in huge losses and major changes for all of us – lifestyle, work, job, career, finances, routine, stability, security, the former sense of safety & control, freedom, independence, human interactions, human connection & touch, meaning and purpose, dreams, ambitions, and life goals. We all are experiencing some form of grief and at various intensities. Grief can include feelings of being alone & unsupported, numbness, heaviness, guilt, sadness, confusion, anger, loneliness, relief, disconnection, hopelessness, and meaninglessness.

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resiliency, self-doubt, agency, why, meaning, identity, Psychological Capital

How To Become Resilient In Spite Of Everything

Resiliency is your ability to bounce back from setbacks, disappointments and failures, and to do so with new wisdom, new insights and with added motivation. Resiliency can be developed and enhanced. Most people simply doubt themselves and their ability to bounce back!

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Viktor Frankl

Can You Still Find Hope & Meaning Now? Here Is How

You have the ability, power and capacity to decide in every single moment who and what you will be; you get to decide what meaning you are going to give to your life. You and only you, decide what is meaningful & consequential and what is meaningless and of no importance.

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