Can A Trump Supporter Date A Clinton Supporter?

Can A Trump Supporter Date A Clinton Supporter?

Can A Trump Supporter Date A Clinton Supporter?

This is one of the most divisive elections in the history of the United States as exemplified by the demonstrations, arguments, protests and assaults by Pro-Trump and anti-Trump supporters.

Can people who have clashing political opinions get along, and can they fall in love and be happily ever after?

Here are the top 5 tips to have a great date and meet a great potential mate and partner.

1. Don’t discuss politics on a firstdate with a potential mate
The first date should be about expressing a sincere desire to know the other person and to help him/her feel comfortable, safe and special. I teach that the man should ask more questions and listen more on the first date than the woman; generally, men try to impress the woman by showing off about themselves. Do not discuss politics on the first date because it will create a serious, somber and probably negative atmosphere and energy – even if you are both in complete agreement. Remember, politics is not fun, romantic or inspirational. Yes, I agree an intelligent debate can be enticing and stimulating and even sexy. However, don’t do it on your first date. After you have established mutual rapport and understanding over a few dates, you can then speak about politics. Caveat: if something happens that reveals you are on opposite political spectrums, then you can decide if you want another date or not. Do not try to change or convert the other person. (See more below)

2. Speak respectfully if your date has differing political views
Ask questions; seek to understand the other person’s perspective and reasoning. If you want to challenge their views, ask for permission (“May I challenge what you just said”), otherwise it will be a slanging match.

3. Don’t ridicule and don’t try to convert
Do not try to change or convert the other person; you will fail, no matter how smart, persuasive or right you believe yourself to be. Do not try to ridicule the person for their opposing beliefs; disagree with the opinion without condemning the person for those opinions. Ridiculing or attempting to convert someone only creates drama, headaches and a really bad date! Exception is if you are a sado-masochist and you love to inflict and receive pain!

4. A differing political view is a deal-breaker
Political views and perspectives represent one’s values. Accordingly, if you both have clashing political views, your values will clash and the relationship will not work out. Yes, a differing political view is a deal-breaker.

5. Knowledge is power – and prevents pain and arguments
Everyone has a deal-breaker (kids, no-kids, want kids, don’t want kids, has tattoos, hates tattoos, smokes, drinks, etc.) If you have strong political opinions, then state those opinions or preferences in your online profile; state them in positive terms i.e. looking for someone who believes Hilary Clinton would be a great president/ someone who believes Donald Trump would be a great president/ someone who thinks Hilary Clinton is the lesser of 2 evils, etc. If it is a blind date, ask the person who is setting this up to find out what the other person’s political views are and if they clash, kindly turn down the date. If you just met and he asks you out on a date, simply look for clues before the first date about his political views: social media postings, comments about current affairs, favorite TV shows and movies, etc. Now, reread tips 1 – 4!

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