Donald Trump, Mass Hatred, Powerlessness, and Loss of Moral Compass

Donald Trump, Mass Hatred, Powerlessness, and Loss of Moral Compass

Donald Trump, Mass Hatred, Powerlessness, and Loss of Moral Compass

This is a continuation of the article: Donald Trump – Creating And Directing Objects Of Hatred 

Summary of previous article: President George Bush said you’re either with us or against us; Trump goes further to identify enemies and to promote that Americans have become powerless. Trump says we are losing our country (to Mexicans, Chinese, Muslims, etc.) and rounds up the people saying ‘you need to hate and these are the people that need to be hated because the reason we need to hate is because we’re powerless and weak and our country is being lost.’

Further, once you form a mass of people, those people lose their sense of identity and individuality and they form a group identity, number (1). Number (2), they let go of their moral compass or their moral consciousness and they hand it over to the leader, to the charismatic crowd leader. So then, what happens is that person that is John or Mary, now becomes part of this one unifying identity, the leader starts to instill hatred in John or Mary, and then the leader demands that ‘you have to express your love, devotion, and passion for me and you have to express your hatred and aggressiveness towards that object or that person or that group.’ Trump is very skilled at doing that, and he constantly does it, and the way that he does it so skillfully is to such things as, ‘look at all these people who are conspiring against me’, ‘Jeb Bush is conspiring against me,’ and so and so is conspiring against me. Trump plays the victim to say ‘see how we’re being attacked, we must defend ourselves, we must tap into our aggression and our hatred because we’re losing, and we cannot lose, we must win.’
The one other point is that there’s a huge difference between what Hitler did and what Trump is doing.

Yes, the Nazis were very smart in saying you must express your devotion, your love for the Führer and for Germany. Donald Trump specifically says ‘follow me’ I mean, Hitler did, too. Trump takes it to another level where it’s really all about him more than it is about the country, America. If you listen to all his speeches, it’s all about him. When 50 people are murdered in a nightclub in the Orlando Massacre, Trump doesn’t come out and say how horrible this is and express compassion and sympathy and empathy for the people that died and for their friends and their family, he makes it about him and says ‘see I was right, I called it, I’m so smart’, whereas Hitler might have gone a completely different way to talk about how we need to react because they’re hurting the country. Trump has always made it more about himself. So what I’m saying is that Trump’s narcissistic level is extremely high, higher than Hitler’s.

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