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Angels Are Everywhere – eBook


Angels Are Everywhere by Patrick Wanis – eBook

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Angels Are Everywhere

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Angels are messengers from God. Angels are at work in all areas of our lives, and we often encounter them without even knowing it. We may have a near-death experience or encounter a miracle, a sign or a message they send us in visions or dream.

While there are many different kinds of angels, they fall into two categories: spirit creatures and humans who act as angels.

Angels are here to help us – but few people recognize them and even fewer know how to invite angels into their lives.

In this book, I explain how awareness of angels can help us find greater peace of mind, comfort, security, happiness and love. You’ll learn how to recognize angels and to call on them for help.   

Angels Are Everywhere©

-By Patrick Wanis
WOW Media, 2003


Chapter: Angels all around us
Recognizing angels
You can’t always recognize angels by their appearance Angels in daily life
Recognizing that angelic person – a kind and lovable person, who has come to our rescue in time of need or inspired us.
Amazing grace
Intervention by angels takes many forms
Heavenly messengers
Angels -the strict definition
The roles angels play
The angelic hierarchy
The nine orders in medieval Christian angelology

Chapter: How angels appear
Actual cases of angels appearing in dreams.
Angels can show up in our lives in many different forms:

As phantom spirits
In visions
In dreams
In miracles
Near-death experiences
As voices and in thoughts

Chapter: Angels and saints
Saints -holy people with unique gifts:

Mystical experiences, discernment, healing powers, visions, dreams, apparitions, voices and miracles.

Angels or hallucinations?
How to distinguish between angel experiences and hallucinations or wishful thinking
The difference between a hallucination and a true angel experience

Chapter: Angels at work in your life
Guardian angels Spirit guides How spirit guides or helpers are different from angels

Chapter: The roles angels play
Earth’s guardian angels
Angels to the rescue
How and when angels intervene in our lives

Chapter: Angels in human form
The two types of angels in human form:

Friends and people who are angelic in nature The “Mysterious Stranger” – the spirit angel that takes a human form and performs miracles

Human angels
Example of famous human angels -Dorothy Day
Mysterious strangers
Not all angels appear to us in the way we might expect.

Chapter: Ask and you shall receive
Be careful of what you pray for
The answer to your prayers may not appear as you expected.
Recognizing angels
A personal story about someone I deeply cared about and respected, someone who brought a special message that would change my life.

Chapter: How to contact angels
The key of how to clear the way for communication with angels
Various methods for seeing and meeting your angels:

The mental picture method
Automatic writing

Chapter: The message that angels bring
The lesson
Find the angels at work in your life
Discovering the greatest sense of fulfillment and satisfaction
The one message that all angels will bring to you

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