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Angels Encounters; Miraculous Rescues, Mysterious Messengers, Messages from God- eBook


Angels Encounters; Miraculous Rescues, Mysterious Messengers, Messages from God by Patrick Wanis – eBook

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Angels Encounters; Miraculous Rescues, Mysterious Messengers, Messages from God


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Author’s Note
We are born into this world innocent, having just left God’s side. Eventually, when we leave the earthly plane, we return to God. As we proceed through the trials, tribulations, and lessons of this world, often caught up in its promises of money and power, or just caught up in the struggle to survive, we tend to forget where we came from. We lose that vital connection with our creator.

Along the way, some of us are reminded that we are not alone, that someone is watching over us, and if we have faith, we will be helped. We are rescued in times of need, lifted in times of pain and sorrow, comforted in times of doubt and loss. We get a small glimpse of the divine, and it restores and strengthens our faith, love, and hope. I call these blessings angel encounters.

Those of us who are truly blessed do rediscover our innocence and return our focus to the things that truly matter. We find our way back to God.

In this book, you will read firsthand accounts by everyday people who had angel encounters—people whose lives were saved or changed forever.

You’ll learn that there is indeed a higher power, and that our lives have meaning and purpose. I hope you will be touched by the spiritual awakenings, self-discoveries, and healing miracles you’ll read about in these pages.

Incredible True Stories: Miraculous Rescues, Mysterious Strangers, Messages from God

-By Patrick Wanis
WOW Media, 2004

Table of contents

Author’s Note

Divine Duties
What Are Angels?
Do They Really Exist?

The Encounters

Angelic Voices
Angels and Children
Miracles and Rescues

Questions and Answers

The Last Word

= = = = = = =

As part of God’s divine plan, angels play many roles and serve a variety of purposes. According to the Bible and other literature, angels were created to…

What is an angel?
What purpose do angels serve?
The first reference to angels
Elsewhere in this book are Angel Facts on the Halo, the Guardian Angel and angel names associated with days of the week.

Scientific proof?
Near-death experiences
In near-death experiences, many describe seeing “an angel or being of light.”
Heavenly hallucinations?
Angel appearances
-The various ways angels appear and contact us
-Angel appearances in the Bible and with the Saints

Today’s Encounters
Modern angel encounters differ considerably from those described in the past. They usually do not include dramatic special effects like thunder and lightning. Today’s angels do not always appear as large, winged beings. And even if they did, who would actually believe the person who witnessed the vision?

Unfortunately, too many people have come to believe that spiritual and mystical encounters are reserved for saints and schizophrenics. However, every day, ordinary people report seeing angels of light, visions of heaven, prophetic visions of the future, and warnings about the present course of mankind…

There is a still, small voice inside all of us, a calm and loving presence that whispers words of wisdom and reassurance into our ears. Could this be the voice of our guardian angel? Many are convinced that this is the case.

These angel testimonials of angel encounters relate experiences and occurrences that involved angels singing, speaking, whispering, and even calling the person’s name:

Heavenly reassurance
Carolyn’s angel
Angels called my name
Voices, visions, and dreams
Angels singing sweetly

Children report more angel experiences than adults, and it’s no wonder. When we’re born, we enter this world pure. We have an enthusiasm and joy for life. We wake up excited to experience the day. We are full of energy and passion…

Because they are honest, open, and innocent, children have a particularly special relationship with angels:

A helping hand
There’s a beautiful feeling all around when angels are present.
Angels for babies
The littlest angel

What if there was an all-powerful presence around you at all times, watching your every move, guiding your footsteps and keeping you safe from harm? Many people believe that angels serve this purpose—and some of them even have the stories to prove it!

A Christmas angel
The mysterious stranger
Cushioning the blow
On a highway from heaven
Guardian on the mountain
An angel from AAA?
Face of an angel
We are absolutely certain God sent an angel to help us.



I receive many questions from readers on the subject of angels. Here are my answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions:
Q: Are passed loved ones ever angels?

Q: What’s the difference between an angels and a spirit guide?


Q: Do angels only appear to those who believe in them?


Q: If we all have angels and guardian angels, and they are supposed to be all-powerful, why can’t they or why don’t they always help us?


Q: How can I tell the difference between an angel and my imagination?

Judging by the thousands of letters I have received from readers, I can say that almost everyone who has an encounter with an angel undergoes a transformation. These unusual experiences add a spark of hope and inspiration to the lives of these people, and it deepens their faith.

Angels are symbols of tenderness, love, and compassion. Sometimes, in what may appear to be a harsh, cold, or greedy world, an experience with an angel reminds us of our true essence, that lofty place within us where we find unconditional love, acceptance, hope, and peace. We realize that expressing joy, love, and compassion to our fellow human beings is the lesson that angels are trying to teach us.

May the angels guide you to a more peaceful and fulfilling life!


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