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How to Hypnotize Anyone by Patrick Wanis – Audio Book


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How to Hypnotize Anyone!

– Do you want to hypnotize people?
– Can you hypnotize people?
– How do you hypnotize people?
– Can you hypnotize yourself?

Learn to hypnotize others right now with Patrick Wanis’ audio book

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-By Patrick Wanis
WOW Media, 2002

CHAPTER: Can You Hypnotize Me?

CHAPTER: The Power Of The Mind
Mind over body
The raw onion

CHAPTER: How the Mind Works
Imagination and thought
The inner voice
Reprogramming the inner voice
Hypnosis Heals
A powerful tool
Past life regression

CHAPTER: States of Hypnosis
Altered states
Am I in a trance?
Levels of trance: Unsusceptible, Hypnoidal , Light, Medium/Deep, Somnambulistic
The deepest states

CHAPTER: How Powerful Is Hypnosis?
Truth serum
Can I control people?
Hypnosis for lasting changes
Hypnosis for love
Post Hypnotic Cues

CHAPTER: Getting Started
How hypnotizable are you?
Hypnotic techniques and secrets
Three keys to successful hypnosis
Hypnosis in 30 seconds
Sleeping hypnosis
Look into my eyes
Other hypnotic techniques: Multiple hypnotists, Noise, bright lights, Hypnosis and magnetism, Hypnosis by command, Mass hypnosis, Psychic powers?, Beat him till he’s hypnotized, The Bulldog method

CHAPTER: Step-by-Step Techniques
The Maternal Method
The Paternal Method

CHAPTER: Stage Hypnosis
Dangers of stage hypnosis
Stuck in trance forever
Successful stage hypnosis
The fun begins
Hypnotic routines and suggestions
Coming out

CHAPTER: Hypnotizing Yourself
Relax your body
Relax your mind
Give yourself a suggestion
Coming out


About The Author

A native of Australia, Patrick Wanis, PhD engrosses audiences with passion, conviction and sincerity with his blend of the strong masculine (Dr. Phil); the warm, compassionate feminine (Oprah); and the clinical scientific mind (Dr. Drew.) Anointed “The Woman Expert” by WGN Chicago and syndicated TV show The Daily Buzz, Wanis is a renowned Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior & Relationship Expert, SRTT therapist and author with worldwide credits. When Michael Jackson died, turned to Wanis for his expert insights and analysis of Jackson’s life, and CNN published on its homepage Wanis’ article “Forgiveness for Casey Anthony?” and published Wanis’ article “What Americans can learn from Aussies.” Wanis also teaches patients at Milestones Ranch Malibu Residential Treatment Center and he is the first person ever to do hypnotherapy on national TV – on the Montel Williams show.

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