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The New Science Of Persuasion – for Men Only – Instant Download


The Following Product is an MP3 Digital Download of “The New Science of Persuasion for Men Only”. Purchasing this product entitles the user to the digital mp3 version of “The New Science of Persuasion for Men Only”

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The New Science of Persuasion
…for men only

The ultimate training tool that almost guarantees your
success with women – for adult men only.

This new audio book live recording by Patrick Wanis is the perfect complement to his other products,

Hypnosis & The Science of Seduction

What a woman wants and how to give it to her

How to connect with a woman via her sign


The audio book live recording contains frank and open discussions about sex.


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What you will learn and master with
The New Science of Persuasion Audio Program:

Secret to seducing women audio book 

  • The key to all persuasion
  • Key secrets to understanding women
  • First secret that every guy needs to know about women
  • The primary goal that will help you to win a woman…
  • 2 out of 3 women suffer from low self-esteem
    –what that means for you the guy
  • The challenges facing women
  • How to avoid giving “backfire” compliments that raise her defenses
  • How to become the greatest magnet to women…
  • Stop asking her permission or seeking approval
  • The difference between confidence and arrogance –one excites women the other turns them off
  • How to handle temper tantrums
  • When and how to take charge and control
  • The greatest turnoff to women
  • What you do that will cause women to lose respect for you
  • How to persuade women using rewards and encouragement for good behavior
  • How to respond when she does something you don’t like
  • Key Secret of how to influence the way women treat you
  • Don’t build your life around her
  • How, the way you feel determines how she will feel about and around you
  • Setting boundaries
  • Your second goal: bring out the best in her
  • Secrets of seduction: the difference between women and men: why is it so important to appeal to her mind and emotions and how to do that
  • How to touch, hold and physically respond to a woman
  • Body language commands
  • Get her to anchor and associate happy, high and positive feelings with you
  • The Oxytocin Response: How to make her drool for you without saying a word
  • How to touch her without triggering her defensive system
  • How to let a woman feel your confidence
  • The look of love: the secret to making her feel safe, secure and comfortable with you so that she will be open to you and open up to you
  • A fun technique to escalate a meeting or date from fun to sexy and beyond…
  • How to take charge of a woman and lead her to sexual excitement
  • How to establish an instant connection with and meet and pick up women in the gym
  • A simple technique using one magic word that will get her sexually hot, turned on and want to be with you
  • The male ego and why most guys are useless in bed
    How to improve your performance in bed, please and satisfy a woman and have her coming back for more
  • Using the emotional connection to establish a physical connection and vice versa
  • Insights into Tantric sex:
    How to create phenomenal sex and a powerful sexual connection with your woman
    How to create deep powerful orgasms
    How to become the best guy-in-bed she has ever had
  • How to seduce a woman with stories
    How to use stories to introduce experimental sex and intimacy to a woman
    How to use stories to get a woman sexually excited and then associate those feelings of passion and ecstasy with you
  • How to build Supreme Self-confidence and become the ultimate magnet to women
    Keys to overcoming “rejection”
    The key components of the attitude of the most successful men –the winners
  • A technique to get a woman to rip off your clothes
  • A five-minute technique to help you get what you want –the woman that you want
  • Summary of the key elements of successful persuasion with women

The key to all success –with women and in every other area of your life

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