Trump The Guru, Martyr and Savior

Trump The Guru, Martyr and Savior

Trump The Guru, Martyr and Savior

Update: Thursday July 21st, 2016 at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump painted a picture of a nation and a world that have descended into violent anarchy and then told the world that he is the savior: “I alone can fix it.”

This is a continuation of the article: Donald Trump, Mass Hatred, Powerlessness, and Loss of Moral Compass 

Summary: When one gathers a mass of people, they lose their sense of identity and individuality and they form a group identity, letting go of their moral compass and hand it over to the charismatic crowd leader. Trump asks for devotion and instructs the crowd to hate because he argues Americans have become powerless and have lost their country.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump took the Orlando Massacre and made it all about him; many people have already surrendered their moral compass to the leader Trump; how does that impact his followers’ reaction to an event like the Orlando Massacre?

When Donald Trump takes the Orlando Massacre and makes it all about him, I think it reinforces their support for him and it emboldens them because what he’s saying is ‘see how smart I am; see how intelligent I am; see how I’m the leader that can protect you; see how I know everything and everyone around you knows nothing.’ Trump is not asking his followers to have compassion for the dead, he’s simply asking his followers to have hatred for the killers.

Trump deliberately calls for more passion and more desire for him the leader because again, he’s playing this role of guru. The guru says ‘I am here to rescue you; you must give me your undying obedience; you must give me everything of you.’ Trump says that and takes it to another level by saying, ‘I’m not just here to rescue you, I’m the savior and you are dying and you need me, and unless you have me, you will be a loser, you will be obliterated, you’ll be nothing.’ So he takes it to a much higher level because Trump taps into the fears, the desires, and the sense of powerlessness and helplessness of his followers, and then says we can make America great again, and what he means by that is we can take back power.

So Trump is never saying that we need to be compassionate; he’s saying we need to be angry, we need to stay angry, we need to stay aggressive, we need to stay vigilant, we need to be hateful, and that’s how he has control over his supporters and followers. What he’s constantly doing is tapping into fear, hatred, and aggression, and passion for him, passion towards him from his followers.

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