Trump’s 8 American Winning Values

Trump’s 8 American Winning Values

Trump’s 8 American Winning Values

People from around the world ask, “How did Donald Trump, a TV reality star, become the Republican presumptive presidential nominee?”

The most touted explanation is that the American people are angry and fed up of the establishment, corruption, cronyism and the failure of congress to serve the people that elected it, and that Donald Trump represents the revolution.

The complete explanation is that Donald Trump appeals to 8 unique & contradictory American values.

1. Celebrity Worship
America is the only country in the world where a person can be famous for being famous such as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, who has 63 million Instagram followers. Donald Trump made Celebrity Apprentice one of the top rated TV shows in the US and has been a celebrity for decades.

2. Entertainment
America is the largest producer and consumer of entertainment. As reality shows have taken over the TV world, people have become accustomed to embracing loud, controversial, crude and unpredictable characters. Donald Trump is all of that on-camera and off-camera, and the media reports his every utterance.

3. Riches & Wealth
Part of the American dream (and definition of success) is to be rich and wealthy. People believe that because Donald Trump is extremely rich he is, therefore, superior and worthy of the presidency. Trump also says he will make America rich again.

4. Power & Patriotism
The US has been the “World’s police force” since WWII, and is one of the most patriotic nations in the world. In 1979, Ronald Reagan used the phrase “Let’s Make America Great Again”, and the man who became famous for his phrase, “You’re fired”, Donald Trump has resurrected that slogan to rally the people.

5. Worship of lawlessness
Traditionally, a conservative nation, the US makes idols of people who are actually lawless: real life people such as Jesse James, Bonnie & Clyde and Al Capone; fictitious people such as Mafioso Don Corleone and drug king & murderer Tony Montana from Scarface. Although Trump does not directly promote lawlessness, he promotes that he is answerable to no one, untouchable, above the law and the rules don’t apply to him.

6. Freedom of Speech
It’s an integral part of the US constitution – and there is no other country in the world that offers true freedom of speech the way America does. Donald Trump has become renowned and celebrated for his bold approach to freely speak his mind no matter which groups, religions or nations become offended.

7. Masculinity & Action
One of the biggest American legends and icons is John Wayne who represents rugged masculinity, courage, strength, war heroism, tough action, and the power of the male; in various movie roles Wayne slaps a woman to set her straight. Donald Trump prides himself on rugged masculinity to the extent of publicly encouraging his supporters to “knock the hell out of” protestors. He even boasts about his genitalia.

8. Will Power & Ego
America is renowned as a nation that gets things done, particularly out of sheer will and force. Donald Trump reflects that value and gives the simplest answers to all complex problems in an attempt to appease the people: Illegal immigration, domestic terrorists or winning will all be solved, according to Trump, by the sheer force of his will.

Although, there are other American values which would undermine the rise of Trump – such as family & religion (he has been married 3 times and doesn’t believe he needs to ask for God’s forgiveness) Trump’s success in tapping into and satisfying the other above American values are the…’trump’ cards he plays to seduce and distract voters from any less obvious shortcomings, namely the American values that really need addressing: the quality of life – jobs, mortgages, rents, housing, medical care, college tuition, retirement, highways, bridges & infrastructure, energy cost, and security from terrorism.

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