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What Is A Human Behavior Expert?

A human behavior expert is someone who understands why we do the things we do and offers solutions and techniques to change the requested behavior. A human behavior expert deals with emotions, thoughts and subconscious belief systems.

What Is Your Key Philosophy And Foundation As A Human Behavior Expert?

1. Every problem, issue and behavior has a root cause and can be traced to an event or series of events, with most occurring in childhood
2. With the appropriate technique and approach, almost every behavior and issue can be resolved by dealing with the root cause (the Instigating Incident), releasing the emotions, and transforming the subconscious core belief
3. Many behaviors and problems today are also the result of extreme and chronic stress (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and nutritional stress) which causes the brain to shrink, resulting in loss of emotional control, impulsivity, leading to depression, anxiety, addiction and diabetes.
4. There is one issue that everyone has – thinking that there is something wrong with them – being undeserving, not good enough, bad, guilty or unlovable

A Human Behavior Expert VS. A Behaviorist

The behaviorist focuses only on external behavior and does not give any credence to thoughts or emotions. Behaviorists believe that human and animal behavior are the same and therefore believe that studies and research can be conducted on animals as well as humans. Behaviorists believe that humans do not have free will and propose that all behavior is simply determined by the outcome i.e. a satisfying outcome implies we will repeat the behavior and a less satisfying outcome will end the behavior.

This premise is false because many behaviors have negative outcomes & results, and yet the same person continues to engage in the same behavior despite negative results and pain.

A Human Behavior Expert VS. A Behavioral Consultant

The Certified Behavioral Consultant is someone who has received very limited training and is certified to offer you the personality test known as DISC. The Behavioral Consultant focuses on getting you to use your skill sets in life based on your personality. This does not obviously address serious behavioral, emotional or psychological issues such as addiction, self-harm, trauma or abuse.

A Human Behavior Expert VS. A Standard Psychologist

Although there are 56 different types of psychologists, the standard psychologist diagnoses and labels a client or patient. Some psychologists conduct psychotherapy and/or administer psychological tests, and others conduct research.

A human behavior expert does not label behaviors or mental and emotional problems. Note that a psychologist who is a behavioral consultant focuses on developmental disabilities or mental retardation.

A Human Behavior Expert VS. A Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists assess, diagnose and label behaviors as well as mental and emotional problems to which they refer as “disorders” and mental illness; psychiatrists are medical doctors and they primarily treat the patient by prescribing medication.

A human behavior expert does not label behaviors or mental and emotional problems, nor does he/she prescribe medication.

So What Does A Human Behavior Expert Actually Do?

Here Is What I Do.

As a human behavior expert, I focus on identifying the behavior you wish to change along with emotions and thoughts you wish to change; I begin with a simple question: “What is it that you want that you don’t yet have?”

The answer can be the desire for a new behavior, a new way of thinking or a new way of feeling (releasing old emotions, freeing oneself of anxiety, guilt, shame, self-doubt, rumination, and so forth.)

There is no labeling and I deal directly with the root cause of every issue.

What technique do you as a human behavior expert use?

Next, I immediately identify the core belief and accompanying emotion, followed by identifying the Instigating Incident – that moment or event when you took on the subconscious belief and its associated emotions, which trigger the behavior that you want to change. This is known as the root cause of the issue and behavior.

(For example: a female client states that she wants to change her behavior – she wants to experience more intimacy with men – physical, mental and emotional intimacy. I quickly uncover that her core emotion is “fear of loss of control”, along with her belief “It is unsafe to let go and express emotion, and I must control everyone.” The Instigating Incident is a traumatic sexual encounter during puberty.)

Next, using an extraordinarily fast and effective technique, I safely, easily and rapidly help you to identify, acknowledge and release the deeper emotions; effectively transform and dissolve any trauma without reliving any pain; change the former limiting belief with new understanding and; replace the old negative belief with new empowering beliefs.

The result is emotional freedom, renewed self-confidence, energy, enthusiasm, inner peace, new desired behavior and positive results – improved performance, greater intimacy, deeper and more satisfying relationships, and greater creativity and freedom of expression.

This Technique Is SRTT – Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique.

I developed it over many years and now use it with clients across the globe over the phone and in-person. Yes, it incorporates elements from multiple disciplines, modalities and therapeutic techniques.

In a matter of such a short time, without labeling someone or making them relive any pain, I can help a client to easily release emotion, transform subconscious core beliefs, begin new behavior and have a new outlook on life. Clients boast that they have learned more and achieved more in 90 minutes with me than they did in 2 years of therapy and counseling.

I am now teaching SRTT – Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique to other therapists, coaches, psychologists, counselors, hypnotherapists and marriage & family counselors and, to rehab clinics.

Are You Ready to Gets Results And Live Your Best Life Now?

When you know you need a human behavior expert who is sincere, authentic, insightful, open and bold yet compassionate, someone who can help you to further succeed in every area of your life and in record time, click here to book a session and let’s begin now!