Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals. Grit is having stamina. Grit is sticking with your future, day in, day out, not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years, and working really hard to make that future a reality. Grit is living life like it's a marathon, not a sprint.”

Do You Have The Grit To Succeed?

What is the greatest predictor of your success? Is it social intelligence, good looks, physical health, luck, opportunity, IQ, EQ or natural talent? Grit is influenced by genes, but it is also influenced by experience. 4 keys are required to build grit.

Do You Handicap Yourself? You Probably Do If You Are A Male!

Self-handicapping is a term in psychology that refers to self-sabotage - behavior designed to strategically protect your self-esteem, self-image, ego or perceived competence and image by others. Surprisingly men do it much more than women.
ten positive emotions; positive psychology

Negative Emotions Scream But Positive Emotions Heal & Help You Flourish

When you experience negative emotions (anger, fear, anxiety) your brain works immediately to help you to survive by engaging the fight-or-flight response....However, positive emotions have the opposite effect,

Can Humans Run 1 Mile In Less Than 4 Minutes?

I had a moment of mixed joy and anguish when my mind took over. It raced well ahead of my body, and drew me compellingly forward. I felt that the moment of a lifetime had wasn’t a physical barrier, but I think it had become a psychological barrier
learned optimism learned helplessness seligman positive psychology

Did You Learn Helplessness or Optimism – Victimhood or Empowerment?

‘Learned helplessness’ is the belief that you have no power, no control and no ability to construct your life.
Appreciation for women and their suffering

Appreciation For Women - And Their Suffering

I also think about my mother who experienced breast cancer and overcame it but later got Alzheimer’s and dementia. And so, I believe that women experience a lot more suffering than men
Whats Your Chemistry? The Four Love Types Builder, Explorer, Director, Negotiator

Whats Your Chemistry? The Four Love Types: Builder, Explorer, Director, Negotiator

When you are in love, your brain experiences the same high as if you were on the drug cocaine. Psychological factors such as values, education, intelligence, socioeconomic background, interests, hobbies and faith account for reasons that people fall in love but fails to explain chemistry.
Control Direct and Accept Things In Your Life - Overcoming Obstacles

Control, Direct & Accept Things In Your Life

The only thing within your control is your mind: Control your perceptions. Direct your actions properly. Willingly accept what’s outside your control.
What's Your Excuse? Maria Kang now regrets what she said!

What Do You Do To Reinforce That You Are Not Good Enough?

Kang who prided herself on 'no apologies, no excuses’, is actually apologizing now, and confessing she did it all for the wrong reasons: driven by insecurity and not feeling good enough, she battled depression, bulimia and body dysmorphia and, she got breast implants in the hope she would have the perfect body and be validated by others.
infidelity, betrayal at work and home, The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

Cheat At Work, Cheat At Home

Would you hire someone who has cheated on his or her partner? Conversely, would you date or marry someone who has cheated or committed fraud at his or her business?

Deal Breakers – Insults, Lack of Appreciation & Being Heard

What does it take for you to quit your job? What does it take for you to quit your relationship? The answer to both of those questions maybe the same thing.
demonstrating care; how to show you really care

Do You Really Care? How To Demonstrate Care

Care can only be achieved and realized when you are willing to demonstrate it in the language/form that the other person can recognize and feel. Accordingly, to truly care for someone infers that you know and understand the other person as well as their needs.

You Will Do Better At Everything If You Are Happier

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Sigmund Freud (Civilization And Its Discontents, 1930)

Where Will You Find Validation and Happiness?

If you believe that your happiness will come from the stamp of validation by society then you will be deeply disappointed and shattered when you fail to achieve it. It is up to you and each individual to decide what you believe is the purpose and intention of your life.
loss, grief, breakup, heartbreak

When You Miss Someone Who Has Gone – 7 Steps To Set You Free

Every one of us will experience the loss of someone important in our life. Perhaps, it will be through death, a breakup, growing apart or even just moving somewhere far away. Here are 7 steps to help you to overcome the loss and renew your life.
Who Are Your Friends? Aristotle identified 3 types of friendships and suggested that one of them is the ideal utility, pleasure, good

Who Are Your Friends And Why Are They In Your Life?

And when you understand this concept and the 3 categories of friendships, you will also become clear about which friendships to pursue and you will gain insight into why some friendships naturally end, and others you should end.
No Madonna Rape Is Not Just A Feeling ageism NY Times article

No Madonna, Rape Is Not Just A Feeling

Rape is not just a feeling of being “disappointed”, slighted or wronged...Finally, being offended doesn't make you right, and being offended by an article definitely doesn’t make you a victim of rape!

When A Mother Refuses To Believe Her Own Daughter Who Has Been Sexually Abused

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The Cookie Thief – Twisted Assumptions, Judgments & Perception Valerie Cox Wayne Dyer Douglas Adams Jay Shetty

The Cookie Thief – Twisted Assumptions, Judgments & Perception

The poem/story by Valerie Cox reveals what happens to one woman when she makes false assumptions leading to wrong judgments, twisted perceptions and ultimately deep embarrassment.

The Psychology Of Identifying & Bonding With Movie Characters - Fandom

There are 5 key elements that explain why and how we identify and bond with fictional characters in movies and TV shows: