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The 6 Shocking Reasons Men Send Unsolicited Dick Pics

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In this week’s Success Newsletter, I would like to reveal the 6 bizarre reasons men send unsolicited dick pics, and it is not what the media has told you.

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Women Don’t Want An Unsolicited Dick Pic

If you are a woman or a gay man, you most likely have received an unsolicited “dick pic” (a photo of a man’s genitalia.) One survey (2,045 and 298 gay/bisexual men) reveals that 91% of women who received a dick pic did so without asking for it.

“Women of all sexual identities predominantly experienced negative responses to these unsolicited nude images, with only a minority selecting any positive or neutral/ambivalent reactions.” Meanwhile, gay and bisexual men responded positively, while younger women versus older women responded more negatively to the unsolicited dick pics.

Why Would Any Man Send An Unsolicited Dick Pic?

As someone who has never done this and who has never thought about doing it, I, too, questioned why a man would do this and, what type of man does this. There are many theories, postulations, and plain guesses.

Here, though, are the findings of one study (of 1,087 men) revealing the 6 shocking motivations of men who send unsolicited dick pics. They are numbered according to the percentages of responses – from the highest to the lowest.

1. Tit-for-tat – Transactional – “I’ll Show You Mine So You’ll Show Me Yours”

This was the number one factor motivating men to send unsolicited dick pics. These men stated that they believe that by sending a photo of their genitalia, the woman will respond the same way and will send a photo of herself naked or of her genitalia.

2. Let’s Hook Up – Partner Hunting – ‘You’ve Seen My Dick, Let’s Hook-Up’

A close second reason to send an unsolicited dick pic is the hope for sex! Rather than simply stating their desire to have sex with the woman, some men chose to send a dick pic believing that the woman will either get sufficiently turned on and will want sex with the man, or, she will realize that the man is asking for sex. For some men, sending an unsolicited dick pic is a way of sexually flirting.

3. Sexual/Personal Gratification – ‘It Turns Me On’
These men (about 18%) reported that they themselves get turned on by sending unsolicited dick pics; they are proud of the way their penis looks, others would be excited to see it; others reported that they thrive on positive feedback about their penis (and to boost their self-esteem), and others receive satisfaction from having their penis insulted.

4. Power & Control – ‘I Enjoy Getting A Reaction From You Or Doing Something You Don’t Want Me To Do’

To me, this response is the most dangerous – even if it accounted for only 10% of the responses. The desire for power and control is often the motivation for men who abuse women. Some men said it gave them a feeling of control over the other person they sent the unsolicited dick pic! These men stated they got excited or got a thrill by: Forcing someone to see their penis without their consent; making the woman angry by sending dick pics in response to a disagreement, or a perverted sense of satisfaction doing it against the other person’s will.

5. Unresolved Childhood Conflict – ‘I Want To Overcome Shame Around My Body’

A small percentage of men reported that they experienced shame by their parents over their nudity as they got older, and they believe that by sending an unsolicited dick pic, it might free them of that shame. Others reported they enjoyed nudity growing up and wanted to recreate that sense of free expression.

6. Misogyny – ‘I Hate Feminism And I Dislike Women’

Unfortunately, the media and other groups have made the false assertion that the primary motivation for men who send unsolicited dick pics is the hatred of women – misogyny – and to punish women. The research does not support that claim. The smallest number of men – about 6% reported that they hated feminism and sent dick photos to punish them for taking power away from men, or because they got satisfaction because they dislike women.

Who Are These Men Who Send Unsolicited Dick Pics? Narcissists And Exhibitionists

dick pics, genitalia photos, cyber-flashing, revenge porn, power, control, misogyny, feminism, exhibitionism, narcissism, narcissists, flashers, psychology of sending unsolicited dick pics, sexism, erotophilia-erotophobia, hostile sexism, ambivalent sexism, flashers,
Who Are These Men Who Send Unsolicited Dick Pics? Research Reveals They Are Narcissists And Exhibitionists! Some Hate Women, But Most Want A Photo Of Your Genitalia In Return!

The results reveal that the majority of the men in this study did not send these unsolicited dick pics with the intention of harming of hurting women. “A significant minority of men reported sending dick pics with the intention of eliciting negative emotions in the recipients, primarily shock, fear, and disgust.” However, the men in this study did demonstrate higher levels of narcissism, and they endorse greater ambivalent and hostile sexism than men who don’t engage in this behavior. Further, these men are exhibitionists who have negative views of sex and sexuality, and they therefore, “hold more sex- or genital-related concerns such as a fear of sexuality, a fear of sexual intercourse, or a low sense of genital-esteem.”

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