Neutralize The 7 Emotions Holding You Hostage + Guided Meditation

I was teaching workshops prior to Covid for Shell Oil execs and Orangetheory execs on Emotional Wellness, Authenticity, Vulnerability, Trust, Leadership, Self-Sabotage, Core Values. And then, in response to the pandemic, I created this special audiobook, “Neutralize The 7 Emotions That Are Holding You Hostage Right Now”
character and characteristics of a hero

"Batman and Superman are not coming to save the world. It will be up to you." Admiral McRaven MIT Speech

Speaking the truth can be dangerous at times...If you are going to save the world, you will need courage...If you are going to save the world, you will need to be humble...If you do not approach the world with humility, it will find a way to humble you quickly. 
12 Questions To Ask Yourself That Will Help You Through The Crisis And Help You To Bounce Back and Become Resilient

Coronavirus –The Psychological Impact Of Isolation And The Impact on Human Rights

Each day, the trauma seems to intensify because we’re told more and more about what we need to be afraid of or where we’ve got more and more freedom being removed from each one of us. Thus, because there’s no specific end in sight it becomes much more frightening, much more traumatic for each of us while we also face major challenges to adapt to such rapid change.
Obsessiveness also has a destructive and disorganizing effect;

Are You In Love Or Are You Obsessed?

When you are consumed by thoughts about the other person, driven by a fear of loss or the fear that you've screwed up, and you're thinking more about owning, controlling or possessing the other person, or you're thinking more about how this person can benefit you or whether or not they will love you back rather than the love that you can express to them, then yes, you are experiencing obsession rather than love.

Coronavirus – Fear Is Our New Collective Consciousness

Why is everyone panicking over Coronavirus? Fear is our new…
The Art of the Impossible: Politics as Morality in Practice” by Vaclav Havel; Clinton, Lewinsky affair; May 28, 1991 President Václav Havel of Czechoslovakia accepted the Sonning Prize

What Really Motivates Politicians? Is It Service, Legacy Or The Temptation Of Power & Perks?

Politics is work of a kind that requires especially pure people, because it is especially easy to become morally tainted. There is something treacherous, delusive, and ambiguous in the temptation of power.
No Madonna Rape Is Not Just A Feeling ageism NY Times article

No Madonna, Rape Is Not Just A Feeling

Rape is not just a feeling of being “disappointed”, slighted or wronged...Finally, being offended doesn't make you right, and being offended by an article definitely doesn’t make you a victim of rape!
The Cookie Thief – Twisted Assumptions, Judgments & Perception Valerie Cox Wayne Dyer Douglas Adams Jay Shetty

The Cookie Thief – Twisted Assumptions, Judgments & Perception

The poem/story by Valerie Cox reveals what happens to one woman when she makes false assumptions leading to wrong judgments, twisted perceptions and ultimately deep embarrassment.

The Psychology Of Identifying & Bonding With Movie Characters - Fandom

There are 5 key elements that explain why and how we identify and bond with fictional characters in movies and TV shows:
The Shriver Report Snapshot: An Insight Into the 21st Century Man

The Shriver Report Snapshot: An Insight Into The 21st Century Man

The Shriver Report Snapshot: An Insight Into the 21st Century…
To Awaken & Come to Your Senses, You Have To Go Out Of Your Mind

To Awaken & Come to Your Senses, You Have To Go Out Of Your Mind

“When one speaks of awakening, it means de-hypnotization…

Can You Forgive The Unforgivable?

“I could never forgive that…I will never forgive him…that…

5 Tips To Handle Adults Who Throw Tantrums

What do you do when your wife is throwing a tantrum like a…

Kentucky Governor Is Right – School Shootings In The US Is A Cultural Problem!

In a video that has now gone viral with over 16 million views,…

The Psychology Behind The House Of Horrors And Child Torture

A husband and wife imprisoned and brutally tortured 12 of their…

Trump Is A Con Man, Narcissist and a Psychopath - psychologist

“Oh yes, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, if you haven’t read…

Oprah Winfrey's Emotional Golden Globes Speech - Will She Run for President 2020?

Will Oprah run for President in 2020? Oprah Winfrey accepted…

The Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns of 2017

It’s the eleventh annual list of bad behavior, stupidity,…