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Coronavirus – Fear Is Our New Collective Consciousness

Coronavirus – Fear Is Our New Collective Consciousness. Photo: CNN story

Why is everyone panicking over Coronavirus? Fear is our new collective consciousness!

Fear of climate change; fear of lies and propaganda; fear of guns, fear of losing our guns; fear of being sick; fear of Russia; fear of the government; fear of losing our privacy; fear of illegal immigrants; fear of China; fear of terrorists; fear of Democrats/fear of Republicans; fear of #MeToo Movement; fear of Muslims; fear of bullying; fear of being shot, fear of being old, et al!

Politicians, political parties, government, media, corporations, advertising and marketing all use fear to get you to do their bidding or their buying: ‘be afraid, be very afraid…if you don’t use this product, you will not be good enough, you will be old, unwanted, unloved and neglected…if you vote for the other party, you will experience great pain…’

Fear is a much more potent motivator than joy! Fear is the mob mentality. Fear leads to panic, selfishness, greed, hatred, violence and other extreme behaviors.

Fear drives us to action because fear of pain is a much greater motivator than the enticement of pleasure.

While many people blame the media for the panic response to Coronavirus, they ignore the fact that the panic began with the fearful responses by entities such as cruise ship companies and even governments that quarantined passengers and other travelers who were believed or suspected to have the virus.

What the media is responsible for, is the ever growing dealing in fear. Elections are won and lost based on fear; products are sold based on fear.

Remember, if you sell, if you push and promote and deal in fear to the masses, then the mass response will be exactly that – major fear!
Fear is our new collective consciousness. And it is global!
– Patrick Wanis, PhD – Human Behavior Expert

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