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“This is much better than nine years of therapy! [Free of anxiety in one session. Most therapists keep you there because they are not getting to the core of it.”

-Heather G
Newport Beach, California, Phone Consultation
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Watch - Patrick Wanis explains how his unique technique Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique (SRTT) transforms lives

“Patrick is extraordinarily intuitive and able to immediately hone-in on the root of an issue. I have worked with many therapists throughout my life and none have had such a profound impact on me and in such little time – he is truly gifted.”

– Chris Blyth, Manhattan, New York



After you pay for your session, you receive a welcome email from bookings at patrickwanis dot com to schedule your session. Please expect that email within 48 hours and look for it in your email Junk Box as well.

1. We begin the session by identifying your objective: “What is it you want that you don’t yet have?”

2. Unless you specifically request coaching, I will not be lecturing, counselling or telling you what to do. I will not just sit there and encourage you to talk for the entire session which is not only a waste of time and money, but also does not serve you nor help to change your subconscious issues.

3. Instead, we will do a process together (SRTT – Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique) to uncover the root cause (the origins) of the issue or behavior along with the emotions and subconscious beliefs.

4. Even if you have not experienced trauma, there is a strong likelihood that powerful emotions might arise as we uncover the instigating incident or events. However, unlike other therapies which encourage you to cry or to let it out and which are ineffective, I do not encourage or allow you to feel the pain or stay stuck in it. You will identify the pain and emotions, but you will not relive those painful emotions or trauma. You cannot make the necessary subconscious changes in beliefs and release the emotions while being stuck in or overwhelmed by them. If you could, you would already have been healed by yourself by now!

Remember, PTSD is reliving of the pain and trauma – reliving it does not heal you, nor does crying, shouting, screaming or wallowing in the pain.

5. Further, the only path to being set free of those emotions is to be in a mental state where you can observe and take charge of those emotions. That is what I do with you, and it helps you to rewire your brain, to consciously release the pain and to create new subconscious beliefs and programs.

6. In 60-90 minutes, I will guide you and we will work together to achieve more than you dreamed possible, and, as thousands of clients will testify, you will achieve more in one session with me than years and years of traditional therapy. The most common reaction by clients is “ I feel so relieved…I feel more like the real me…I feel ready to live my life now!”

7. My objective is to set you free from the past and to empower you. Therefore, I do not want you coming back for more sessions every week for the rest of your life. You only do as many sessions as you need. You can take a break and come back at any time. I will though let you know what you need to do and how many sessions you will need. In most cases, it is only a handful.

8. I created SRTT – Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique – a unique therapy modality and process. I have been doing SRTT over the phone for almost 20 years; that’s the way it evolved. Clients used to fly me into their city, or they would fly to me, and eventually as word of the extraordinary success spread, people asked if it would be as effective over the phone. Thus, it organically evolved and developed as therapy over the phone. 

Read below to learn the seven reasons why SRTT phone therapy is much more advantageous and equally as effective as in-person therapy. I also record the session and you receive a copy of the recording to listen back for even more and greater benefits!

9. This SRTT process with me is like elective surgery – except that you get real help: you heal or resolve the issues, you don’t undergo pain (you do work, though) and you don’t suffer or pay ridiculous amounts of money. My fee of $345 has not changed in 15 years and as clients will attest, the value is ten times the financial investment.

10. Numerous other therapists come to me and numerous therapists refer their clients to me to help, particularly those clients who have experienced abuse, trauma, addiction or other relationship or family issues. 

Eight Highly Valid Reasons Why SRTT Phone Therapy Is Much More Advantageous And Effective Than In-Person Therapy

When therapists refer their clients to me (for help with trauma, addiction, anxiety, sexual abuse, relationship and family issues), many of those clients are shocked that when the therapist tells them that I work over the phone using my unique therapy modality and process – SRTT – and that working over the phone is highly effective.

About 90% of my clients work with me over the phone and from all over the globe (Australia, UK, Europe, Japan, India, South Africa, Canada, and across the US); I don’t even use Skype or Zoom.

Here are the top 8 reasons why my SRTT – Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique phone therapy over the phone is much more advantageous than in-person therapy.

1. Access

You have access to me, to work with me no matter what time zone, what city, what country or even what place you are in.  You can be laying on your bed, you can be sitting on a sofa, on your favorite chair or even inside a car, and still work with me – and get the same amazing results regardless of where you are or what time zone you are in.

2. Less Stress

You experience a lot less stress and are more relaxed for your session because you can be in your comfortable place. You don’t need to dress up, you don’t need to drive, you don’t have to worry about traffic, and you don’t have to worry about parking or the parking meter running out. Your entire focus is on the session and process we do together.

3. You Save Time

Again, you don’t have to worry about dressing up, driving thru peak hour traffic, and parking your car –  that means all of the time is used up for the actual session and not for traveling or commuting. Thus, there is less chance of being late and missing out on your appointment. You also have greater flexibility to schedule your session because you don’t have to allocate additional time for dressing up, parking or driving back and forth from the session.

4. Increased Vulnerability

This is highly critical to the success and effectiveness of your session: The reason I don’t use Skype or Zoom is because when I first used to work with clients on Skype many, many years ago, they were looking at themselves on the computer; they were not focused on the actual session, they were worried more about the way they look – ‘Is my  makeup running?’

Instead, you can choose to lay on your bed or favorite sofa, or chair and you can be more relaxed; you can feel safer, and you can open up and be more vulnerable. By becoming safely more vulnerable you can have the breakthroughs and achieve the results you came for and paid for.

5. Safety To Trust

Being in your favorite comfortable and safe place, and focusing on the process via the phone, undisturbed by the computer or visuals on the computer or the office itself, you feel more private, more intimate, almost anonymous, and therefore it is easier for you to trust.  Further, we do a process together – SRTT – Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique – so your eyes will be closed most of the time, and so again, it becomes easier for you to trust the process and immerse yourself in it when you feel safe, relaxed and comfortable.

6. Deeper And Enhanced Self-Awareness & Discovery

Because we are working over the phone, I pay great attention to the words and every sound you make. I am listening to the tonality of your voice to help uncover hidden emotions, and I am also very carefully listening to pauses and even small sounds you make which are revealing and critical to the success of the SRTT process. For example, I might say, “Hold on. You just sighed; what were you thinking and feeling?” With that, we are able to access thoughts and emotions of the subconscious mind. It is much easier when working over the phone to pay full attention to sounds, pauses in between words and voice tonality because I am not distracted by anything else in the room, by what is happening in the room or by the way you look, are seated, dressed or if your makeup happens to be running. 

7. Added Benefits And Reinforcement Of All The Principles

I record the SRTT session, and I send you a link to download a copy of the mp3 recording. You can listen back to your session at your leisure. And given that we do my SRTT process together, there might be a few things that you did not catch the first time around, but now you have the opportunity to listen back to the entire session. When you choose to listen back to the session, you gain greater wisdom, greater insights, greater understanding, and you hear some important things that you didn’t hear the first time. You can also take additional notes for reinforcement of the principles and insights.

8. More Effective Therapist – Less Drained, Enhanced Clarity

There is also another critical advantage for the therapist which greatly benefits you.

When a therapist is working with you in-person and you are experiencing sadness, pain, hurt or anger, the therapist also feels some of those emotions and he/she absorbs them. That means that the therapist is impacted by the emotions and it gets in the way of the process because the therapist loses clarity and loses or greatly diminishes the ability to guide you out of painful emotions.

Further, when working in person, by the time the therapist gets to the third or fourth client of the day, he/she feels emotionally drained, thus making the therapist less effective when it is your turn for your session. Thus, when you work with me over the phone, I don’t absorb those emotions that you might experience. I am fully aware of them, and we are able to work together to release those old, painful emotions, but I don’t absorb them, which means I can be more effective with you.

Accordingly, people are shocked when I tell them that despite working with multiple clients in a day and even when those clients might have experienced horrific trauma, neglect or sexual abuse, not only do I not feel tired, instead of feeling down or depressed myself, I feel invigorated. Why? I guide you to set you free of the pain, I do not get sucked into the pain and drama and because you feel so relieved and better at the end of the session, I feel satisfied, fulfilled, and uplifted because I actually helped you – and in one session!



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Some clients come to Patrick for advice, guidance and wisdom while others come seeking to transform their lives – to overcome a serious issue. Patrick Wanis PhD, coach to the stars and coach to the coaches, uses his unique and powerful therapy – Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique (SRTT) which brings about bigger, better and faster results and in rapid time. SRTT is not hypnosis, NLP, Gestalt, CBT, Jungian Therapy, RoHun, Transpersonal or Rational Emotive Therapy, although certain elements of these therapies are incorporated into SRTT.
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Yes, I travel to many cities to work with clients. This is of course determined by your budget because it involves travel costs. Minimum fees apply and I work with you to make it affordable. Some clients choose to fly me into their home city for days at a time and have me on call when dealing with a specific issue or project.


Patrick Wanis PhD
Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior &
Relationship Expert & Creator of SRTT