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Top Rated Event Speaker & Trainer

Patrick Wanis Tv News

Keynote Topics:

Bring balance and peak performance to your organization.

Help your people to succeed in all areas of life.

Expand creativity & increase sales.

Improve customer service. Develop diversity & create opportunities.

Raise employee satisfaction & motivation


Public speaking training
“Your interactive training is powerful because it led our employees into taking steps toward positive change… Thank you for being so responsive and listening to our needs.”
Gary Frees
Director HR

HIRED TO SPEAK BY: El Paso Energy, Exxon, Doubletree and Hilton Hotels, Carnival Cruises, Steiner’s Services, HelmsBriscoe, Allegro Resorts, Peak Potentials, Equinox Fitness, Rinoval Resorts and more..

Patrick is a high-profile expert on success, personal development, relationships, sexuality, communication, body language, human motivations and behavior, persuasion and women’s issues: Much of his work has focused on examining the role of the mind, body and physiology on behavior and psychological functioning.

Patrick delivers his highly interactive and cooperative programs with passion, sincerity, enthusiasm and high energy. Every one of Patrick’s educational, insightful and entertaining programs is customized to your needs. Patrick inspires and delivers balance and peak performance by teaching people how to realize their full potential, taking charge of their thoughts, attitudes and goals. Participants actively involve themselves in the session and Patrick evokes change by giving attendees tools and principles that they can apply every day in business and at home.


Individual assessment with 17-page customized report
Understanding the behavior of each of the 4 DISC types:
– Goals, fears, effective & ineffective traits
– Responses to conflict
– Ideal work/career
– Motivations
Strategies for selling & communicating with each DISC style
3 top tips for each style
Advice for compatibility and success in relationships

The ways we communicate
Key principles of Body Language
Effective praise & correction
How to impress others and build rapport
The Pain & Pleasure Principle
How to win the confidence and trust of others
Changing your attitudes & perception

Significance of Emotional Intelligence in workplace, home and link to well-being and health
Emotional Intelligence individual assessment
The 5 key components of Emotional Intelligence
Strategies to develop and improve Emotional Intelligence
The wheel of emotions (describing, defining  & listing key emotions and complex emotions)

Empathy = understand and share the feelings & thoughts of another person
Individual Empathy Assessment
Cognitive VS Affective Empathy
Describing & listing benefits of developing interpersonal empathy
Describing & defining the 7 blocks to empathy
Strategies to overcome the 7 blocks
Empathy VS Compassion

Mindfulness in the workplace improves employee focus, attention, and behavior
Mindfulness Individual Assessment
Mindfulness and link to Empathy and Emotional Intelligence
Mindfulness in the physical body and behavioral reactions
Mindfulness for effective decision-making under stress & during crisis
Exercises to develop skills in Mindfulness

Defining success
Establishing targets and visions
How your inner world affects your outer world
The psychology of thoughts, beliefs, behavior and results
Living from vision versus excuses
Gaining control of emotional situations
Shifting from victim to accountability & creator

Identifying the mind-body connection
Indentifying your “hot-buttons”; situations and people likely to push your buttons
Gaining control in emotional situations
Identifying your “emotional defense style”
Building new patterns of constructive interactions
How to turn criticism into constructive feedback
How to recover from mistakes and prepare for all emotional situations

Identifying the most dangerous ‘disease’ of the 21st century
How to end blame, complaining and procrastination
Establishing commitment, reliability and trustworthiness
Ethics, honesty and integrity
Responsibility versus blame and condemnation
Elevating expectations and finding solutions

Identifying the Ten Twisted Forms of Thinking
Identifying the only thing you can control
Guilt and the committee that controls you
Reprogramming the Inner Chatterbox
How to play and have fun -the power of laughter

How to deal with negative, angry or troublesome people on the job and at home
Identifying the various difficult personality types and the button pushers
Forming plans of action; Effective communication strategies
Instilling positive attitudes and eliciting positive responses from others
The secret to stopping people from pushing your buttons
Gaining control in emotional situations

Subconscious VS Conscious mind
Human drives and emotional needs
Detached cognitive VS Emotional decisions
The power of your thoughts
Reprogramming your mind & thoughts
Raising your productivity and happiness
Personality analysis and interpretation
Uncovering your self-concept, fears, passions, and goals

Defining Success
Impacts of stress; the true stress test
Stress and DISC personality/behavioral types
The Worry Buster Technique
Developing emotional intelligence
Safely releasing emotions
Assertiveness Vs Aggressiveness
The power of humor
How to handle people who push your buttons

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“Our seminar was a huge success and I count you among those responsible… The seminar evaluations sheets indicated everyone thoroughly enjoyed and highly benefited from your interactive training.”
Pat Clark