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Were You Robbed Of Your Childhood? 28 Shocking Signs You Were!

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In this week’s Success Newsletter, I reveal the 28 signs that indicate that you were robbed of your childhood and innocence.

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What Does It Mean To Be Robbed of Your Childhood?

Do you feel like you never had a childhood?

Or perhaps you feel like there is an emptiness inside – feelings of anxiety, fear around intimacy, lack of safety or trust, loneliness, or feelings of impending doom?

To understand what childhood is, one must first define the role of a child and that of a parent.

I teach that the role of a parent is to give the child everything that he/she needs to realize his/her full potential. Thus, that extends beyond love. In fact, I have created a list of the 60 things that every child needs.

Therefore, if the role of a parent is to give the child everything that he/she needs to realize his/her full potential, then what is the role of the child?

To receive.

The parent gives, and the child receives.

For many of my clients, they did not receive what they needed. Instead had to give – to be the adult, the caretaker, the parent, or the psychological nurse. Some were forced to give themselves sexually.

And yet for other clients of mine, what they received was harm, physical & emotional neglect, abuse, and other forms of adverse childhood events (ACE.)

Childhood is the state of having someone to love and care for you so that you can be a free spirit, living in wonder, exploring and discovering the world and self, searching out and experiencing new adventures as you grow.

You Were Robbed Of Your Childhood If:

1. You experienced any form of trauma

2. You never felt safe or cared for

3. You never felt loved, nurtured or protected

4. You felt abandoned or neglected

5. You were afraid to express yourself or your emotions

6. You felt you had to be perfect, and that you were not allowed to make mistakes

7. Your parents gaslighted you – telling you that you are wrong or crazy; denying your experiences of reality
8. Your parents/caretakers were inconsistent, unreliable, or frightening

9. You felt alone, isolated, lonely, or disconnected

10. You felt like a black sheep or that you didn’t belong

11. The emotions in your household were chaotic, angry, fearful, or overwhelming

12. Your parents were alcoholic or suffered from other addictions

13. Your parents were abusive or violent (to you, your siblings or to each other)

14. You were abused – physically, mentally, emotionally or sexually

15. You didn’t receive emotional support

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Were You Robbed Of Your Childhood? 28 Signs Your Childhood Was Stolen From You

16. Your parents were not physically present or available

17. Your parents failed to give you positive attention or to play with you

18. You grew up in poverty or lacked food and clothing

19. You grew up in a war zone

20. You were separated from your parents and forced to work as a child

21. You were not seen, heard, understood, or validated

22. Your parents did not care for your personality/uniqueness

23. Your parents were not attuned to you

24. Your parents shamed, criticized, judged, or blamed you

25. Your parents belonged to a cult

26. You had to take care of others

27. You played the role of adult or parent

28. You never felt good enough

To Be Robbed of Your Childhood Equals A Loss of Innocence

The above list represents some of the factors that reveal that your childhood was robbed from you. It is another way of saying that your childhood innocence was stolen or robbed from you. And you don’t need to answer yes to every sign to know that you were robbed of your childhood.

“In increments both measurable and not, our childhood is stolen from us not always in one momentous event but often in a series of small robberies, which add up to the same loss.” – Author: John Irving

You know that you were robbed of your childhood if you only knew pain and suffering; you carried heavy burdens, or you never felt that life was wondrous and magical.

I Can Help You If You Were Robbed Of Your Childhood

It is true that you cannot get back your childhood. However, imagine being set free from the pain of the past and feeling safe and whole again – or for the first time. I have helped clients who were robbed of their childhood. Get the help you want, need and deserve. Do it now gently, easily, and quickly with my SRTT process. Book an SRTT session and be set free from the past.

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I wish you the best and remind you “Believe in yourself -You deserve the best!”

Patrick Wanis Ph.D. Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior & Relationship Expert & SRTT Therapist

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