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Be Happy Rich and Wealthy Hypnosis – lnstant Download – 2 Tracks


The Following Product is an MP3 Instant Digital Download of “Be Happy Rich and Wealthy Hypnosis”

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Be Happy, Rich and Wealthy – Hypnosis

New Hypnosis audio program with two hypnosis tracks to help you to be happy, rich, and wealthy.

“When The Law of Deservedness and The Law of Attraction are in alignment, you will easily create, possess and enjoy everything your heart desires!”
-Patrick Wanis PhD –Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior Expert & Clinical Hypnotherapist

What do you believe you deserve?

Money, love, joy, success, happiness?

Do you have the money and financial freedom that you truly want? Are you living your dream? Are you happy? Do you feel good about yourself? Have you been visualizing what you desire but still have no results?

What we subconsciously think and feel determine what action we take, what we attract into our lives and thus our results and enjoyment or lack of enjoyment of life.

Money, love, joy, success and happiness can be yours now!

Many people mistakenly think that all that is required to be rich or wealthy is to simply focus on what you want – visualize it. In fact, thousands of people thought that based on the Law of Attraction, if you just visualize whatever you want, it will come to you. But those people are disappointed and frustrated because little has changed in their life. Maybe you can relate to that. Some people even felt they were cheated by “The Secret” because it didn’t work for them.

Why not?

There are key elements missing from The Secret and there is one Law that neutralizes the Law of Attraction.

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

The Law of Deservedness is one of the metaphysical laws, a universal law. According to the Patrick Wanis PhD, Human Behavior Expert, Celebrity Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist who coined the term, The Law of Deservedness states: We get only what we subconsciously believe we deserve and no more. When we get more than what we believe we deserve, we will sabotage it or push it away. Wanis says that we do this in every area of our life – including finances and relationships. He also says that The Law of Deservedness is much more powerful than the Law of Attraction because if one does not believe that he subconsciously deserves his desire and vision he will either take no action, sabotage it when he does get it, or simply get no enjoyment from its realization.

Wanis says that a The Law of Deservedness is a forgotten Law that can create misery and self-sabotage but can lead to happiness and wealth. Based on years of extensive experience and research, Wanis says the single most important factor for success and happiness in life is what one subconsciously feels and believes she deserves and that this belief is directly tied into The Law of Deservedness. Wanis’ work focuses on transforming people to feel, believe and know that they are good enough, worthy and deserving of the best -of abundance and prosperity.

Patrick Wanis teaches that our subconscious beliefs drive our behavior, how we feel about ourselves and determine our results and enjoyment of life.

We need to change our core subconscious beliefs!

Patrick Wanis says, “It’s critical to understand that in order to be happy, rich & wealthy, the following must be achieved:

    • Forgive and let go of negative emotions
    • Associate good things with money
    • Believe you deserve to have lots of money
    • Take action
    • Visualize and emotionalize the things you want
    • Give back – add value to other people’s lives

If you don’t subconsciously feel and believe that you deserve love, joy, success, happiness or money, you won’t take any action. To turn your dream or fantasy into reality, you must engage the Law of Deservedness to your favor!

Accordingly, Patrick Wanis has created a brand new special hypnosis audio program to help you to achieve the above. And he has created two versions that can be used on alternate days.

All you need to do is allocate around twenty minutes a day to be happy, rich & wealthy.

This is the newest most powerful and transformational audio program and program Patrick Wanis has ever created for wealth and money. There are two hypnosis tracks on the audio program – use one today and the next one tomorrow.

Now you can live your passion, be wealthy and be happy. Now you can truly enjoy life, reaping all that it has to offer.

This is the closest you will get to having Patrick work with you personally every day, helping you to gently transform your subconscious beliefs so that you can be happy, rich & wealthy.

“Welcome to the Be Happy, Rich & Wealthy hypnotic trance. One can picture how using this audio program whenever possible and as many times as possible will result in many benefits. Change the way you feel. Picture yourself feeling happy with greater excitement and joy. Live your passion and be well-paid for it. Open yourself to remove the hidden blocks to your financial freedom. Become motivated to take the action to become rich and wealthy. Understand how this audio program will help you, realize that Yes, you deserve the best in life, you deserve the best of everything.”

Imagine, just after listening to this audio program how you will feel free and worthy of money and wealth, releasing all old beliefs that have held you back from living your dream.

Imagine how this audio program will greatly raise your self-esteem!

This audio program works on releasing the subconscious blocks, we all have, so that you can achieve your goals and desires for financial success –riches, wealth and happiness. It reinforces at a very deep level that you deserve the best and you deserve to be happy, rich and wealthy and allows you to feel free and deserving of the best. It will also raise your confidence and self-worth and helps to remove subconscious motives and beliefs that lead to self-sabotage that have prevented you from living your dream now.

With regular and committed use, understand that this is the closest thing you can have next to having Patrick Wanis as your personal life coach. Realize the benefits at a significant savings.  If you are interested in working with Patrick Wanis directly please follow this link.  

We all realize how this deeply effective audio program taps into your powerhouse -the subconscious mind. Imagine the benefits of having Patrick use soothing music and visualization techniques to deeply relax you and hypnotize you. Patrick’s style is as calming, reassuring and inspiring as his voice. Patrick gives you positive suggestions to change the way you feel and perceive yourself, to feel good about yourself, to boost your inner and outer self-confidence, focus on your strengths and help you to achieve your goals and success and to get what you want.

If you are having problems sleeping at night, then this audio program will also help you. In fact, you can even use it late at night to help put you into a deep, deep sleep.

This audio program is completely safe and can be used daily. Patrick instructs you at the beginning of the audio program on how to use it. You will enjoy using this audio program over and over again so that you can feel good about yourself, be free from the past, believe that you deserve the best, become more confident and be happy, rich & wealthy.

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