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Is he really into you? Is your relationship going to last? A picture is worth a thousand words – and no one can decipher them better than celebrity body language expert, Patrick Wanis PhD

For a limited time, get the star-studded treatment and the truth about what your and your partner’s body language reveals.

Coach to the stars and Human Behavior and Body Language Expert, Patrick Wanis, PhD, is now offering you the same opportunity he offers his celebrity-clientele when they seek his relationship advice. Do you want to know what your boyfriend’s body language says about your relationship? Here’s your chance to get the truth from a sought-after celebrity pro.


Did you know that 57% of all of our communication about our feelings is done non-verbally (body language – facial expressions, etc.); 36% is the tonality of our voice and only 7% is the actual content – the words. Thus, our body language is the reliable source of what we really intend to say. We can say the words but not mean them.

We can lie verbally but our face and body cannot lie. In other words, we are always communicating – even when we are not talking – especially when we are not talking. Our facial expressions, posture, body movements, and gestures are all relaying a message – one that is much more reliable than the one we express out loud.


Want to know if you and your date/boyfriend/lover are the real thing? Wondering if he’s really into you? Get a body language analysis of you and your mate from celebrity body language analyst, Patrick Wanis PhD.

Forget reading magazines, trying to apply Patrick’s tips to your own photo. Instead, send in your own photos and get the tips from Patrick himself!


If you’re a good match
How he really feels about you
If your relationship is destined to last
If he’s hiding something… and what it could be


Email photos of you and your partner together in various settings (at least three, preferably more)
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A custom and thoughtful personal analysis and interpretation of the photos and/or video within 72 hours
An emailed MP3 audio file created and recorded by celebrity body language expert Patrick Wanis

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Patrick Wanis, PhD, charges $345 for a 60-minute private telephone consultation. So imagine the great value and benefit of having your own personal analysis delivered as an audio file into your email inbox — so you can hear it from the expert himself, as many times as you’d like. Patrick is only able to offer custom body language analysis as time and speaking engagements permit. Catch him now before E! and others cut in line.

A native of Australia, Patrick Wanis, PhD engrosses audiences with passion, conviction and sincerity with his blend of the strong masculine (Dr. Phil); the warm, compassionate feminine (Oprah); and the clinical scientific mind (Dr. Drew.) Anointed “The Woman Expert” by WGN Chicago and syndicated TV show The Daily Buzz, Wanis is a renowned Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior & Relationship Expert, SRTT therapist and author with worldwide credits. When Michael Jackson died, turned to Wanis for his expert insights and analysis of Jackson’s life, and CNN published on its homepage Wanis’ article “Forgiveness for Casey Anthony?” and published Wanis’ article “What Americans can learn from Aussies.” Wanis also teaches patients at Milestones Ranch Malibu Residential Treatment Center and he is the first person ever to do hypnotherapy on national TV – on the Montel Williams show.