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How to Get Over It – Breakups, Betrayals & Rejection – Audio Book


The Following Product is an MP3 Digital Download of “How to Get Over it – Breakups, Betrayals & Rejection” by Patrick Wanis and the accompanying eBook,  “”How to Get Over it – Breakups, Betrayals & Rejection Vol. II”

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How to get Over a Man


How to get Over a Woman

Speed up the process of getting over it

Complete program of audio book and ebook only $29.95

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Get Over Your Ex Now – a fast transformational kit

Due to repeated requests, this MP3 audio book is now sold together with Volume II an eBook and workbook. Volume II contains additional information and insights not included in Volume I the audio book. Volume II is also a workbook with unique exercises and techniques created by Patrick Wanis to help you get over it – fast!

Hello, this is Patrick Wanis. The greatest joy and happiness we will ever receive in our life will come from our relationships with other human beings. Our greatest pain and disappointment will also come from our relationships.

Every one of us has experienced some pain or hurt in our life as a result of a relationship or a friendship. We were betrayed, rejected or dumped.

Maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend woke up one morning and said, “I don’t love you anymore” or “I think we should just be friends”, “I have found someone else”, “I have been having an affair”, “we are just not suited.” Or maybe he or she just packed her bags and disappeared, moved to another city, state or country. Or maybe you broke off the relationship because you couldn’t stand being treated so poorly, you couldn’t stand the pain, the hurt or betrayal.

Either way the pain and loss can be almost devastating, particularly if we had future plans with this person that have now been shattered, or if our identity and self-worth was tied to this person.

And so, now we find ourselves filled with anger, resentment, or bitterness. We are broken-hearted, have lost all of our confidence, we feel life is hopeless, and we have almost no self-esteem. Maybe we can’t sleep, we overeat, and we obsess, or every time we think of that person we cry or feel sick in the stomach, become angry or depressed. Maybe as a result of that pain and hurt we have isolated ourselves and can no longer trust others or get close to people.

Our friends tell us “Just get over it” but yet again we have no idea how to do that. What does it mean to get over it? How do we let go of the past and all the pain and emotional injury? How do we forgive the person who has cheated on us, betrayed us or done some other wrong to us? How do we set ourselves free so we can love and trust another person? How do we reclaim our power? How do we find once again, self-confidence, love, joy and happiness? How do we regain our self-worth and self-esteem? How do we get over it?

In this audio book, I will answer all these questions and give you the keys to finding love and happiness once again. Volume II –the eBook is also a workbook with unique exercises and techniques to help you get over your ex – fast!


By Patrick Wanis
Interviewed by Melissa La Rochelle (HoneyB)
WOW Media, 2004

Section I:

What is love?
Defining romantic love -State of ecstasy
Is love an internal or external state?
What a person does that makes us feel in love

How do we fall in love?
What it means to fall in love
The process by which we associate pleasure and ecstasy with another person

Pleasure and pain principle
We are motivated by fear of pain and attraction of pleasure
How the pleasure and pain principle affects our relationships with others, how it pushes us into a relationship and helps us to break off a relationship

Association of pleasure and joy
The mistake most of us make: Associating pleasure and joy -falling in love with the idea of a person, what he or she represents
Fooling ourselves into thinking this is the ideal or perfect person and then being disappointed;
Falling in love with a person’s potential versus who he or she really is

Section II:

Reclaiming your power
What it means to reclaim your power
Taking back control of yourself
No one else except you will determine how you will feel today

Time heals

Time is an abstract -it does not exist
The philosophy of “time heals all”
The reality of what time does and doesn’t heal
Understanding the grieving process -DABDAH

Beginning the process towards freeing yourself from the other person and finding a new person to associate pleasure with

How to regain self-confidence
Finding people who will validate your self-worth and self-confidence
Why your circle of support friends isn’t enough to validate you

How much you like yourself (self-esteem)
As self-esteem rises, more people become attracted to you and you will get along with more people (notice how a guy who is already in a relationship often gets hit-on)
How to raise your self-esteem

Why forgiveness is key to setting you free and helping you to get over it,
Depression -forgiving yourself -overcoming guilt, self-blame, and shame
How to forgive the other person: releasing anger and replacing it with understanding

Reality check
Seeing and accepting the other person for who he or she really is
Understanding and learning what you truly fell in love with – reality or fantasy

Acceptance and expectations
Why lowering your expectations leads to happier and healthier relationships and peace of mind
Learning to lower your expectations of others and yourself without lowering your standards
How loving and accepting yourself results in other people accepting you

Three quick techniques to help you get over your ex
1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
2. The God box
3. Visualization

Why we attract the people we do
Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual (immune system genes)
Beware hopping straight into another relationship -hurting both people
The karmic connection
When the techniques won’t work: Soul mate connection (a deep bond)

How timing (when you two meet and interact) affects the relationship and outcome
How your mental and emotional health affects
True healing
How you will know when you are truly over this person and you have true healing (When you think of person and feel no pain)

The final word: true love & unconditional love
Definition of unconditional love versus romantic love
If you stop loving (caring for) the person, then you never loved him or her
Summary of what it means to get over it and the techniques to get over it

Patrick Wanis also offers a comprehensive package of 4 products, including a hypnosis audio program and extra audio book to help you Get Over Your Ex Now!

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