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Relax Now Hypnosis – Instant Download


The Following Product is an MP3 Digital Download of “Relax Now hypnosis by Patrick Wanis”

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Relax Now Hypnosis – Instant Audio Download

Listen to my exclusive “Relax Now” MP3 to instantly relax ANYTIME and ANYWHERE! The “Relax Now” is a 15-minute hypnosis session that melts away stress and worry, leaving you feeling relaxed and energized… and ready to “conquer the world”. Remove the stress from your life now, calm your mind, be healthier and feel more positive and confident with just 15 minutes a day

Relax Now

Are you stressed out, highly strung or frazzled? Do you feel tired or drained? Is your time limited? Would you like to relax now? Would you like to relax now mentally and physically? Would you like to have more energy? Patrick Wanis offers you a wonderfully deep guided relaxation that requires only 15 minutes of your day. Just sit back and listen as Patrick expertly and safely guides you into deep relaxation. At the end of it you will feel wonderfully refreshed and energized. And you can use it any time of the day and as many times as you want. Download it now, listen and begin to relax immediately!

Note: Relax Now is an MP3 file. You can download it and listen to it from your computer. Do not listen to this audio file whilst driving a car or operating machinery.



–I listen to it a couple of times a week to melt the stress away. -Chris B.

–I am a nurse, so as you can imagine, I am on the go all day, working 12-hour shifts, and this audio relaxes me in the middle of my stressful day. -Marla M.

You know, this really worked for me! I was relaxed! It’s a breakthrough, a phenomenon. -Vicki C.


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