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What Is A Celebrity Life Coach?

A life coach is similar to a movie director or a sports coach; both people focus on bringing out the best, maximizing the person’s potential; both people work closely with the client to achieve the desired success.

Famous actors will talk about how the film director helped them to achieve their best performance; athletes will credit much of their success to their coach for inspiring, pushing, training, teaching, guiding and strategizing them to success.

The same principles apply to a celebrity life coach.

He determines with the celebrity client the exact goal and then strategizes the best way to achieve that goal.

The key difference lies in the specific goal that is to be achieved or the challenge that is to be overcome.

What Is The Fastest Way To Achieving Any Goal?

Determining what the obstacle is and then removing that obstacle.

Thus, the critical point for the success of a celebrity life coach is understanding the exact goal of the client along with the exact obstacle, which in this case is always about the mindset, the psychology and the emotions of the client, and then using the right process to quickly and easily change the subconscious beliefs, release the emotions and thus bring about emotional freedom and create positive results.

Can any life coach be a celebrity life coach?

The majority of life coaches have had extremely limited training (a weekend course) and simply focus on trying to get you to manage, control or deny your emotions, thoughts and feelings as best as possible.

This approach is never effective.

The majority of life coaches work only with the conscious mind and thus tell you what you should be doing but do not have a process to help you do what you need to do and lack the experience or the skills required to bring about real permanent behavioral change or to free you from past traumas which block you from living your best life now.

The majority of life coaches lack insight into human behavior and motivations and are not trained to work with specific groups, demographics, careers or specific challenges i.e. working with teenagers, adults, victims of abuse, addictions, creative people, CEOs, athletes, musicians or celebrities.

Thus, many people complain they get no results because the average life coach is simply a cheerleader who encourages and pushes but without a plan, technique, process or real strategy.

Prerequisites to a celebrity life coach

There are 3 primary prerequisites to being an effective celebrity life coach who helps his celebrity clients achieve extraordinary success, and in record time.

1. Deep understanding of and experience with the psychology of a celebrity and the unique issues that he/she faces

I have had success with celebrity clients for more than 12 years. News media, magazines, corporations turn to me for insights, perspectives and understanding of the psychology and psyche of the celebrity.

After years of experience as a celebrity life coach, working with the famous, the accomplished and the celebrity, I have identified the top 20 issues that are unique to the world of fame and the celebrity.

My clients experience phenomenal results because of my creativity, understanding and intimate knowledge of the world of fame & celebrity, as well as my bold, sincere and confident approach.

We also sign various agreements such as mutual confidentiality agreements to guarantee and secure your privacy. INSERT LINK HERE Travel and extended stays & visits are common.

2. Insights and wisdom into human behavior – why we do the things we do, why we feel the way we feel, why we believe what we believe

CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, the BBC, various TV news stations & networks, magazines and media outlets around the globe continue to turn to me for insights and analysis of human behavior.

I understand intimately and have worked with clients who have the following issues:

• Depression
• Abuse
• Trauma
• Challenges & issues specific to fame & celebrity
• Addiction
• Obsessive thoughts, self-doubt
• Relationships and gender differences
• Intimacy
• Power and temptation
• Shame and the societal expectations for women
• Divorce and its impact on children

3. A rapid process/technique that actually works – how to transform our behavior by transforming the way we think, feel and believe about ourselves and the world around us

Many people, including celebrities, tell me that they have wasted years, money and effort on traditional talk-therapy, without any results. They were told what they needed to do but were never shown how to do it and were never given or taught a process. Other clients complain about being labeled, given a diagnosis and then treated as helpless victims dependent on the therapist’s approval.

Many people complain that their behavior, mood and thoughts never changed despite years of therapy.

I use a unique process.

I begin by identifying your goal – what you want that you don’t yet have, identifying your core subconscious belief and when and how it began (how you took on the belief and what emotions were attached to the incident.)

Next, I immediately begin an extraordinarily rapid and effective technique that safely and easily releases the deeper emotions, transforms and dissolves any trauma, changes the former limiting belief and replaces it with new empowering beliefs.

The result is emotional freedom, renewed self-confidence, energy, enthusiasm, new behavior and positive results – improved performance, deeper and more satisfying relationships and greater creativity and freedom of expression.

This technique is what I call SRTT – Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique. I developed it over many years and now use it with clients across the globe over the phone and in-person. And I am now teaching it to other therapists, coaches, psychologists, counselors, hypnotherapists and marriage & family counselors, and, to rehab clinics.

If you are ready and willing to work with someone who gets results, a celebrity life coach who is sincere, authentic, insightful and compassionate, someone who can help you to succeed even more than before in every area of your life, click here to book a session and let’s begin now.


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