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Dateline_NBCHypnosis Weight Loss Versus The Rest

In January 2004, NBC’s Dateline aired a program on the ultimate Weight Loss Challenge featuring six alumni pursuing different diets before a High School reunion. The competing weight loss programs:

  • Weight Watchers
  • Slim Fast
  • Atkins diet
  • Extreme exercise
  • Weight Loss Hypnosis
  • Jorge Cruise weight-loss program


The participant with the most impressive record was Marc, a pastry chef, who used weight loss hypnosis to lose 13 pounds in a single week. With this program, Dateline demonstrated hypnosis and hypnotherapy to the public, illustrating the powerful and effective ways that hypnosis can help program the mind for success.
Other results:

  • Lynne – extreme exercise and a daily 1,300-calorie diet
    Her weight did not change in three months. She was running up to six miles a day.
  • Mark “Gio” – used the Slim Fast diet
    After 1 week on Slim Fast “Gio” gained 3 pounds. Three weeks into the Slim Fast diet, Gio complained that he is starving, saying, “I’m hungry. I’m hungry most of the day…. I’m still going to bed hungry and waking up hungry.”
  • Kathy – did Weight Watchers, stayed under 20 points/day
    Kathy lost 4.8 pounds in one week and said, “I starved all week.”
  • Eleanor – at 300 pounds used an 8 min. weight workout
    Eleanor lost three pounds in the first week. Her trainer also incorporated the concept of “emotional eating.”
  • Rick – followed the Atkins low-carb diet and exercise
    He lost 13 pounds but quickly developed a painful case of gout, a condition he’d had before, that he suspected was a result of the diet. Atkins fine-tuned his diet by sending him “Atkins at home” meals. He also took medication from his doctor to treat the gout.
    ” Marc, using hypnosis, reported that he did not suffer while dieting. He was happy. He felt good and it happened naturally.

dateline weight lossAfter 3 months:

  • Kathy… lost 18 pounds.
  • Eleanor… lost 24 pounds.
  • Lynne… lost 14 pounds
  • Marc… lost 40 pounds
    And he stated that he didn’t suffer during that time.

At his first Weight loss hypnosis session Marc did a visualization exercise of going up an imaginary flight of stairs to enter a state of guided hypnosis. The hypnotist then used suggestions and helped increase Marc’s desire to workout and eat nutritious foods. Marc said he envisioned something similar to the fire coming out of his belly. Our minds often use a metaphor to represent the releasing of emotional issues, old habits, anger and such. When your mind has a method to release the issues and conflicts, even if it is a metaphor, results occur quickly.

Marc reports that he’s very happy with weight loss hypnosis. He’s motivated and doesn’t feel like anything is holding him back. He now enjoys exercising and has developed a greater love for healthy, nutritious food. In fact, he says he now naturally desires healthy, nutritious food, rather than feeling he ought to or should eat it. He says that all he wants now is healthy food.

Dateline presented an objective look at some of the different weight loss methods available to the public today. Weight loss Hypnosis was demonstrated to be effective and fast. Hypnosis is painless and effective in programming the mind to feel good and desire naturally good foods, and a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Use hypnosis to lose weight now!


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