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How to Find Happiness – eBook


How to Find Happiness by Patrick Wanis – eBook

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How to Find Happiness

The search for happiness


Many of us expect to be happy when we land the perfect job, find the perfect partner, house or car. Some of us expect to find happiness when we retire or amass the right amount of money. Others still expect happiness with that break or acting job or when the kids leave home, or when the divorce finally comes through. Then when we get those things we still find ourselves unhappy. So what does it take to be happy? What is happiness? Why try so hard to be happy?

Australian Behavior Expert and Celebrity Life Coach Patrick Wanis sits down for a discussion with one of his clients who poses powerful questions surrounding the pursuit and realization of happiness. Through the conversation, Patrick helps to define happiness and gives you the master keys and techniques to find happiness now.

Excerpt from the Foreword of
How to Find Happiness:

I have noticed from working with clients from all walks of life that the answer to happiness becomes even more perplexing and elusive to so many people as they get older, and everything that they thought would bring them happiness seems to have failed.

Angela is hypnotherapy client of mine who thought relationships and love might bring her happiness. Angela is a writer and performer who has devoted time and research looking into what drives people into relationships. She became increasingly curious about why people spend so much time and energy trying to find something to give them a sense of completion or fullness. After living alone, performing and traveling in different countries for the last 6 years, Angela left behind many people who were important to her. She had been in several intimate relationships but never seemed to be able to achieve the happiness and potential she believed a loving relationship could provide her. At the time I met her, she was having difficulty feeling connected to a permanent sense of love. Despite how independent and free her daily life was, Angela was realizing how she had been emotionally dependent on others for her sense of happiness – for almost all of her life!

Angela raised the question whether happiness can be found in the love that we receive from another person. And even though Angela had moments and memories where she was truly satisfied with her life, she found that she still deeply yearned to discover greater happiness by being connected to others. Angela had become aware of how certain connections, especially her relationship with her parents, have taught her so much about herself and what she truly desires from life.

She challenged me to answer why relationships are such a great cause of our happiness and sadness; why we have relationships; and what greater purpose do these connections serve in our lives? Today, with the change in roles for men, women, children and families, Angela believes relationships play a big part in teaching us about who we are and what we want from life. Amidst all this change we are forced to ask what remains constant for us – what are we all really looking for to give us a sense of happiness?

In response to Angela’s questions, I decided to sit down to share with others all that I have learnt about how to find happiness, within you and with another person.


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