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Secrets To Getting Over Your It – Audio Book


Secrets To Getting Over it – Download

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Hi!  This is Patrick Wanis, Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior Expert and clinical hypnotherapist PhD.  Welcome to the “Secrets to getting over it”.  I have created this very special audio program as an accompaniment to my audio book “Get over it – break-ups, betrayals, and rejection” and the accompanying ebook – workbook.  I have also created this audio program in response to questions, comments, and even testimonials from many readers.

Also, I’ve also created a very special hypnosis audio program to help you to get over it.  I highly recommend that you use all four products to help you to make the transformation that you so desire and to help you to get to the level of being set free.  In case this is the first product that you’re using from the “Get over it” package, I’d like to begin by reading the introduction from my book “Get over it break-ups, betrayals, and rejection”:

The greatest joy and happiness we will ever receive will come from our relationships with other human beings.  Our greatest pain and disappointment will also come from those relationships.  Every one of us has experienced some pain or hurt in our life as a result of our relationship or friendship, maybe we were betrayed, rejected, or dumped.  The pain and loss can be devastating particularly if we had future plans with this person that have now being shattered or if our identity and self-worth were tied to this person.  And so now we find ourselves filled with anger, resentment, or bitterness…

This audio book “Secrets To Getting Over It” focuses on setting you free from the pain – forgiving yourself and your ex. As I explain in the book, you can forgive without condoning what happened and without going back to your ex. When you forgive, you will open yourself to love and to a new healthy relationship!


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