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How to Hypnotize Anyone – eBook


How to Hypnotize Anyone by Patrick Wanis – ebook

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How to Hypnotize Anyone!

– Do you want to hypnotize people?
– Can you hypnotize people?
– How do you hypnotize people?
– Can you hypnotize yourself?

Learn to hypnotize others right now

Also check out the link on Hypnotherapy.

Click here for the audio book read by Patrick Wanis


-By Patrick Wanis
WOW Media, 2002

CHAPTER: Can You Hypnotize Me?

CHAPTER: The Power Of The Mind
Mind over body
The raw onion

CHAPTER: How the Mind Works
Imagination and thought
The inner voice
Reprogramming the inner voice
Hypnosis Heals
A powerful tool
Past life regression

CHAPTER: States of Hypnosis
Altered states
Am I in a trance?
Levels of trance: Unsusceptible, Hypnoidal , Light, Medium/Deep, Somnambulistic
The deepest states

CHAPTER: How Powerful Is Hypnosis?
Truth serum
Can I control people?
Hypnosis for lasting changes
Hypnosis for love
Post Hypnotic Cues

CHAPTER: Getting Started
How hypnotizable are you?
Hypnotic techniques and secrets
Three keys to successful hypnosis
Hypnosis in 30 seconds
Sleeping hypnosis
Look into my eyes
Other hypnotic techniques: Multiple hypnotists, Noise, bright lights, Hypnosis and magnetism, Hypnosis by command, Mass hypnosis, Psychic powers?, Beat him till he’s hypnotized, The Bulldog method

CHAPTER: Step-by-Step Techniques
The Maternal Method
The Paternal Method

CHAPTER: Stage Hypnosis
Dangers of stage hypnosis
Stuck in trance forever
Successful stage hypnosis
The fun begins
Hypnotic routines and suggestions
Coming out

CHAPTER: Hypnotizing Yourself
Relax your body
Relax your mind
Give yourself a suggestion
Coming out


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