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Charlie Sheen believes he is a loser

Charlie Sheen believes he is a loser
Charlie Sheen believes he is a loser
Charlie Sheen believes he is a loser

“Charlie Sheen subconsciously believes he is a loser” says Human Behavior Expert Patrick Wanis PhD.

“Listen to his TV interviews where Charlie Sheen constantly and almost obsessively keeps referring to himself being a winner and the others being a loser; Sheen is trying to convince himself that he is a winner. Sheen thinks he is a loser otherwise he wouldn’t try to convince the world that he is a winner” reveals Dr. Wanis. “In 1987, when Sheen was talking about the making of the film Wall Street,  Sheen said something revealing about his real insecurities and issues:

‘Is this success all a fluke? Had I been fooling everybody so far? Will I get caught?’”

Wanis also says Sheen has passed numerous drug tests but now needs to deal with the emotional issues – deep seated rage and anger and his victimhood – the belief that everyone has betrayed him – AA, CBS, Chuck Lorre, etc.

Watch the TV interview – Patrick Wanis PhD live from Hollywood on Australia’s national TV show – “The Morning Show with Larry and Kylie.”

Is Charlie Sheen  a danger to his kids?  Listen to the interview Patrick Wanis PhD gave to WVRX-FM 105.9 The Edge – The Kirk McEwen & Mike O’Meara Morning Show – after Brooke Mueller filed a restraining order alleging Sheen was abusive to her and removed his kids from Sheen’s home.  Dr. Wanis had already warned that Sheen is not just a danger to himself but potentially a danger to the people around him, including his children. Sheen said “I will murder for you, love you violently, defend you violently, with absolute hatred.”

Below are various observations by Patrick Wanis PhD about Charlie Sheen following Sheen’s multiple media interviews – NBC, GMA, Radar online and the radio shows:

  • “Sheen constantly talks about winning and losing
  • He plays the victim accusing the TV execs of abandoning him: “They didn’t come to my aid”
  • Sheen defines his success and value as ‘the car I drive and the girls in my house’
  • Calls himself a rock legend, 10,000 year old brain
  • Very revealing when he admits he took Ambien (sleeping pill) which tells you he has deeper problems and that’s why he can’t sleep; Jack Nicholson warned Heath Ledger against using Ambien saying it was very dangerous:
    “I almost drove off a cliff once. I don’t take sleeping pills but somebody said ‘take this, it’s mild…I got a call in the middle of the night, kind of an emergency, and I almost drove off a cliff 50 yards from my house, and I live up in the mountains in Aspen. So I warn people about it.” (Jack Nicholson)
  • Read the transcript of the interview I gave about Lindsay Lohan and Jack Nicholson’s warning about Ambien:
  • Right now Charlie Sheen sounds like a dry drunk and experiencing withdrawal from various drugs – jittery, delusional, maniacal speech and behavior, etc
  • “When these wrongs have been righted then you can understand winning” says Sheen
  • Charlie Sheen’s language is full of violence; he says: “I will murder for you, love you violently, defend you violently, with absolute hatred.” This is sign that his behavior could easily escalate to violence
  • At a subconscious level, Sheen fears that his career is over: his body language lied when he was asked if he is a bankable star
  • His delusions are exemplified by quotes from the movie “Apocalypse Now”:  “You have the right to kill me not the right to judge me”
  • Charlie Sheen is a narcissist; he refers to his past affairs with women as “they will think about me every day of their life”
  • Sheen is obviously suffering from sleep deprivation: “I am going to take a nap, recharge my battery because we are fighting a war”
  • Indirectly admits he has been battling alcohol for 22 yrs when he refers to AA for 22 years
  • Sheen says he doesn’t have enough money right now to pay other staff
  • Although, he is denying it verbally, his words and actions actually reflect that Sheen is desperate and is almost begging to do the TV show again – Two and a Half Men.
  • Still attacking people – calling them turds and losers.
  • Charlie exhibits every sign of a crack cocaine addict or a meth and ecstasy user; These drugs produce the maniacal patterns of his speech as well as hallucinations and delusions; other prescription medication is only making things worse for him; when he was rushed to hospital with a supposed Hernia – it was actually the result of Ambien according to him.***
  • During Charlie Sheen’s hiatus from Two and a Half Men, he etched a rather unusual symbol on his chest: the ink, which says ‘Death from Above’ alongside an apple and a drop of blood, is a reference to the movie “Apocalypse Now” and Sheen says it is in honor of his father Martin Sheen.”

Update: Charlie Sheen and Ambien
During his live performance in NYC (part of his Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour”,  on Friday April 8, 2011, the former Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen, discussed his infamous stay at NYC’s Plaza Hotel in 2010, in which he was hospitalized after allegedly being found intoxicated inside his trashed suite.

“This gorgeous yet overpaid [woman]…followed me up to my room. Maybe I invited her but it’s my story,” Sheen said during the show. “Next thing I know, I’m naked taking Ambien and attacking the cops. Ambien, the devil’s aspirin…Next thing I know, she locked herself in the bathroom with my watch and my wallet. Did I throw a chair at the door? Yes. I just wanted my $175,000 watch back.”

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