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Patrick Wanis Phd Relationship Expert

What Is A Relationship Expert?

A relationship expert is someone who understands human needs, desires and motivation within the context of the way we feel, interact, connect and behave with ourselves and others; someone whom has the solution, techniques and strategies to achieve the desired outcomes in relationships.

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What People Are Saying About Dr. Patrick Wanis

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Everything that use to trigger my anger does not trigger me anymore. All that pain and weight that was on my shoulders is gone.

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I didn’t know I had these issues till I had a session with Patrick. In one session I was able to talk about it and free myself from it. 

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I came expecting to experience pain but the fact that I was able to do the work and not re-experience the pain was a positive.

What Is Your Key Philosophy And Foundation As A Relationship Expert?

  1. We all need to belong: Connection and relationships give meaning and purpose to our lives. You are not meant to be alone; you are hardwired for connection and relationships. 
  2. Every relationship begins with you. If you don’t love yourself, then the love you give is needy love, given in an attempt to fill an inner emptiness. 
  3. Everyone needs love and connection to help them to also love themselves. Lack of self-love begins in childhood if the child does not receive the love and care he/she needs.
  4. We all need someone to love: Our deepest hidden desire is to express love more than it is to receive love. 
  5. It is not healthy – physically or psychologically to be isolated or to be without social support, without  various forms of emotionally and sexually intimate relationships. While striving to seek our own validation and acceptance, we do actually need love, validation, acceptance and belonging from others.

  6. In order to heal, improve, deepen a relationship or find the ideal match, you must heal yourself first: Discover who you are, your self-concept, your values, needs, personality, language of love, and, you must change your subconscious level of worthiness. I refer to this as the Law of Deservedness. You must heal your trauma.
  7. There are only 2 types of relationships – 1. Parasitic (one person taking but giving nothing) and 2. Symbiotic (two people mutually supporting & benefiting each other)
  8. A parent’s function and role is to give and provide all that a child needs to realize his/her full potential; a child’s function is to receive love, nurturing, guidance, instruction and so forth
  9. Every problem, issue and behavior has a root cause and can be traced to an event or series of events, with most occurring in childhood – often the result of adverse experiences or trauma. 
  10. With the appropriate technique and approach, almost every behavior and issue can be resolved by dealing with the root cause (The Instigating Incident), releasing the emotions, and transforming the subconscious core belief
  11. There is one issue that everyone has: The subconscious belief relating to guilt and shame – ‘There is something wrong with me; I am not good enough; I am not worthy; I am unlovable; I don’t belong; I am an outsider.’
  12. Consummate Love occurs when there are 3 elements – Passion, Intimacy, and Commitment. Passion is the desire for each other (the chemical attraction); Intimacy is emotional nakedness (vulnerability, ‘Into-me-you-see…I allow you to see into me’); Commitment is the conscious choice to build a life together and to maintain and grow the love for each other.

What Is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaching refers to working with a client to identify the desired relationship goal, and teaching & applying the appropriate strategy & tools to achieve that goal.

Relationship coaching focuses purely on strategies, advice, understanding, techniques, insights, knowledge and skill sets pertaining to relationships, communication, personality, temperament and language of love differences, and knowledge of human behavior and motivation. An effective relationship coach also focuses on helping the client to develop emotional intelligence which dramatically improves all relationships.

Patrick Wanis PhD Relationship Expert Behavior Expert TV appearances
Patrick Wanis PhD Relationship Expert & Human Behavior Expert

What Sets You Apart As A Relationship Expert?

Many relationship experts are purely advisory coaches: they have the knowledge and can tell you what you need to do to achieve the desired result but they cannot help you to apply or to actually do it.

They also fail to get to the root cause of the problem.

For example, a prominent relationship expert was on TV telling a young woman who has been in a toxic relationship for 4 years that she needs to cut off the boyfriend, not follow him on any social media, and immediately delete his emails and text messages.

This is good advice – it is common sense advice.

However, it fails to really help the client; she already knows what she needs to do but she won’t do it and even if she does, the next man she dates will be the same – toxic and abusive.


The relationship expert failed to address the root cause of the issue, namely why this woman is attracted to an abusive, toxic man.

The answer is found in her past experiences, her subconscious programming and what she subconsciously believes she deserves and feels about herself. There are 10 specific reasons why women stay in abusive relationships and specific scientific and psychological reasons why women love bad boys.

Thus, what I do that is unique and actually gets results is: I get to the root cause of every behavior – the attraction, interaction, programming and emotion.

What Else Can You Teach Me As A Relationship Expert And Coach?

How Can You Help Me Right Now?

I am a relationship coach who can help you to learn the knowledge and skills to greatly enhance your relationships. I am a relationship expert who also uses a unique technique to help set you free from the past (change the way you think, feel and believe about yourself and the world around you.) This process Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique (SRTT) helps transform your subconscious beliefs so that you subconsciously feel and believe you deserve the best. In turn, it  transforms all of your relationships at home and at the office – partner, spouse, children, parents, colleagues, friends, employees and bosses. You will find yourself attracted to and attracting better people in your life; people who treat you better than before.

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Remember, you teach others how to treat you by the various ways you allow them to treat you and by the energy, subconscious messages and non-verbal messages you communicate. That doesn’t mean it’s your fault; it simply means that I can help you to have the relationships you want and to feel good about yourself.

I quickly get to the root cause of your subconscious programming and the origin of your dominant emotions and beliefs.

There is no labeling and we quickly resolve past issues, adverse experiences and trauma without reliving any pain – and over the phone if you wish.

I use a technique that I developed over many years called SRTT – Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique. I am now teaching SRTT – Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique to other therapists, coaches, psychologists, counselors, hypnotherapists and marriage & family counselors and, to rehab clinics.

Therapists, psychologists and other mental health professionals refer their clients to me, particularly if they have experienced childhood trauma.

Are you ready to gets results and live your best life now?

I am sincere, authentic, insightful, open, bold yet compassionate, someone who can help you to further succeed in your relationships in every area of your life and in record time.

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