8 Qualities All Faithful Men Have

8 Qualities All Faithful Men Have

8 Qualities All Faithful Men Have

This article and slideshow was posted on GLO and features Patrick Wanis PhD offering insights into some of the characteristics and qualities that faithful men possess.

Ever wish there were a foolproof formula for finding a faithful man?

While there is no way to one hundred percent guarantee a guy’s loyalty, certain characteristics can predict whether he is predisposed to staying true or not

Here are the eight qualities that matter the most.

The 8 qualities that all faithful men have:

1. He Respects Women
A man who respects the opposite sex in general is less apt to view any woman as an object including the presumed “other woman.”
“The way you do anything is the way you do everything”, says behavioral specialist and therapist Patrick Wanis PhD. “If a man respects women, he is not likely to use one for a one night stand.”

2. He’s Emotionally Intelligent
According to Wanis, emotional intelligence is a big predictor of whether or not a man will stay faithful. How to know a guy’s EQ? Pay attention to whether he thinks before he acts and how well he picks up on other people’s moods.

3. He Keeps His Word
“A person who has Integrity shows his commitment and dedication to what he does, not by what he says”, says Andrea Syrtash author of “cheat on your husband (with your husband.) If he says he’s going to come to your parent’s house for dinner, then he does even when his friend gets last minute tickets to the game.

4. He Doesn’t Crave Attention
A guy who wants to be liked by everyone is more apt to accept or even invite behavior from women that might cross the line. It may seem harmless at first but “it could lead to sexual tension or an emotional connection if the behavior continues”, says Wanis.

5. He’s Secure In Himself
Insecurity and the need for attention often go hand-in-hand. “A man who is secure gets validation from his partner and doesn’t need it from multiple women at the same time”, says Wanis.
If he’s truly confident then you’ll be able to weather blows to his ego (like losing a job or struggling financially) without feeling tempted to stray.

6. He’s Not A Dare Devil
A risk-taker says ‘I have more to gain by taking this chance’ while a non risk-taker says ‘I have more to lose by taking this chance’ says Patrick Wanis PhD. “The latter isn’t going to risk his marriage or his family by cheating.”

7. He’s Grateful
A man who appreciates his life feels a sense of fulfillment that keeps him faithful Wanis says.
“He isn’t always thinking ‘this isn’t enough, I need more’, so he’s not going to keep looking for something better”, he explains.

8. He’s A Great Communicator
Instead of ignoring problems and letting negative feelings fester, a man who has the capacity to be open about his emotions will tell his partner if he’s not happy or if his needs are being met.

The original article and slideshow was posted on MSN GLO (GLO.com no longer exists) https://glo.msn.com/relationships/qualities-all-faithful-men-have-8603.gallery

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