Debunking The Corey Feldman Myth Of An Organized Pedophile Ring In Hollywood

Debunking The Corey Feldman Myth Of An Organized Pedophile Ring In Hollywood

Debunking The Corey Feldman Myth Of An Organized Pedophile Ring In Hollywood

Did you know that 82 women have revealed themselves as victims of Harvey Weinstein – victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape? And more than 27 other men have been accused of the same thing.

Meanwhile, Corey Feldman is still continuing his decades-long cry that there is an organized pedophile ring in Hollywood. He said it in 2013 on The View, and he said it again in 2017. The difference is he’s now asking for 10 million dollars to reveal the names and make a movie – not a documentary about it. He has not offered any money to help other victims and has not named one other victim!

Here are four facts that clearly debunk Corey Feldman’s claim.

1. No Victims Have Come Forward
82 women have revealed themselves as victims of one man – Harvey Weinstein. Where are the victims of the organized ‘pedophile ring in Hollywood’? If it is an organized ring running for three decades there should be hundreds of victims.

2. Not One Celebrity Is Offering Evidence to Support Feldman’s Claim
Why has not one other celebrity come out supporting Corey Feldman’s claim of an organized pedophile ring in Hollywood? As soon as allegations were made against Harvey Weinstein, dozens of other women quickly spoke out and supported the accusations. “There are thousands of people in Hollywood who have this same information” according to Feldman. Why has not one of those thousands of people come forward?

3. Feldman’s Life Is Not In Danger
Corey Feldman claims his life is in danger and he fears for his life. And yet he’s been making this claim for many years and yet he can still go on National morning TV shows and talk shows making the same claim and nothing has happened to him. He’s also been performing live with his band. Why has no one actually tried to silence him if what he says is true and it will expose powerful people in Hollywood? The New Yorker Magazine revealed that Harvey Weinstein hired private investigators, including ex-Mossad agents, to track accusers, actresses and journalists; nothing of the sort has happened to Feldman.

4. Santa Barbara Police Deny The Truth of Feldman’s Claims
Corey Feldman claims that he told Santa Barbara Police in 1993 the names of various pedophiles in Hollywood. In 2017, Santa Barbara Police conducted an investigation and said that there is no such record of Corey Feldman revealing names of alleged pedophiles in Hollywood. 

5. Corey Haim’s Mother Denies Feldman’s Claims and Says Feldman is a “scam artist”
Corey Haim was molested as a child, and according to his mother Judy, her son was molested once by a man, and says there is not an inherent epidemic of pedophilia in Hollywood: “Now [Feldman] wants $10 million to do it? Come on … if he was serious about this, he’d share the information he has with the police.”

Finally, is it actually to the benefit of Corey Feldman to reveal these ‘six names’ that he claims to be part of this organized ring of pedophiles in Hollywood?  Would the morning TV shows and all the talk shows still interview him, or, would he become just another forgotten and financially broke, former child star?

Update 1: Following much public pressure and criticism by various television show hosts and others who questioned Feldman’s real motives, Feldman tweeted on Tuesday November 8, 2017 that he had filed a police report:


Did Corey Feldman reveal names of current pedophiles and the “ring of pedophiles” or just people from 25 and 30 years ago?

Update 2: Friday November 10, 2017. Los Angeles Police reported that they had closed the investigation into the claims made by Corey Feldman:

“In this case of Corey Feldman, according to California law the alleged occurrence is out of statute and Robbery/Homicide have no avenues to pursue the case.”

The details of what Feldman reported to police are not known, but in California, sex crimes committed against a minor must be prosecuted before the abused turns 40 years old. Feldman is 46.

It seems clear that Corey Feldman did not reveal 6 names or names of people who are currently involved in an alleged pedophile ring in Hollywood!

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