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How Stressed Are You? Take The Test

How stressed are you? Take the test
How stressed are you? Take the test
How stressed are you? Take the test

How stressed are you?

Take the stress test below to determine your stress levels.

To learn more about stress, its symptoms, common causes, and how it causes food cravings and belly fat, listen to my comprehensive 20-minute audio on how to recognize the physiological effects of mental, emotional and physical stress on your health.

For a complete list of the mental, emotional and phsyical symptoms of stress, click here.

This stress quiz is a powerful way of determining if you have a problem and helping you to identify the symptoms of stress.

Put a check in the column that best describes your behavior/symptoms for the past 12 months of your life. The instructions for adding up your scores are further below.










1. I get unexplained headaches
2. I think about my problems over and over during the majority of my waking hours.
3. I feel more tired than is reasonable
4. I have become irritable, impulsive and/or confrontational
5. I feel like a failure
6. My breathing pattern is irregular
7. I feel overwhelmed and helpless
8. I get gastrointestinal upset (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal colic.)
9. I have become withdrawn
10. I have lost interest in activities that I used to find pleasurable.
11. I feel like crying for no reason
12. I have become indifferent and uncaring
13. I have become absent-minded and accident prone
14. I use caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and/or other drugs to try and cope
15. I find it hard to make decisions
16.I indulge in negative self-talk
17. I find it difficult to concentrate
18. My heart races
19. I have nervous habits e.g., biting my nails, grinding my teeth, tapping my feet, pulling my hair, wringing my hands, fidgeting, pacing, etc.
20. My muscles become tense for no reason
21. I feel anxious and/or sweat for no obvious reason
22.My work performance has declined and I seldom finish anything
23. I just feel like “copping out”
24. I have sleeping problems (problems falling asleep, problems remaining asleep, nightmares, etc.)
25. I eat too much or too little.

Add up your total score:

Column 1 Never = 1 point

Column 2 Sometimes = 2 points

Column 3 Often = 3 points

Column 4 Always = 4 points

Total score out of 100 points

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Interpreting your score

A score of 26-50 points indicates a low degree of stress

A score of 51-75 points indicates a moderate degree of stress

A score of 75-100 points indicates a high degree of stress




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