Pyschiatrist Killer Fits Profile Of A Mass Murderer

Pyschiatrist Killer Fits Profile Of A Mass Murderer

Pyschiatrist Killer Fits Profile Of A Mass Murderer

“The army psychiatrist who killed 13 people fits the profile of a mass murderer as does the Orlando shooter” say Human Behavior Expert, Dr. Patrick Wanis.

Dr. Wanis says “There are tell-tale warning signs and characteristics of mass killers and mass murderers and Major Nidal Malik Hassan who killed 13 people most likely felt like an outsider and a victim with a persecution complex compounded by his religious beliefs.”

(See further below for the full list of the profile of a mass murderer.)

Dr. Wanis told Russ Morley 850 WFTL radio that “Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan had been taunted for being a Muslim and for his ethnicity. He was not married so he may not have had a very good support system. He didn’t want to be deployed; he seemed to be disillusioned with and against the war.

“This starts to fit into the profile of a mass murderer which can include a possible exacerbation of aggressiveness and tendency to violence if he prescribed himself psychiatric medication. There’s a good chance that he has withdrawn socially because if he was being taunted, then who was his support system when he wasn’t living in his home state.

“Next: did he develop a victim mentality or persecution complex? Was there extreme chronic stress? Yes, there was because he was treating people who were under extreme stress, being victims of the war or returning from the war. And so that would also have an effect on him because, we call that vicarious traumatization and compassion fatigue; he takes on some of their symptoms which also raises his stress levels.

“There may have been feelings of powerlessness, the fact that he couldn’t get out of being deployed or that he couldn’t do anything about the war. We don’t know what emotional support he had from friends and family. Obviously, there will be a list of grievances against various people if he had been taunted about his religion and his ethnicity. He wanted to get out of the army so that could have left him with feelings of disappointment, frustration and maybe even failure. When you put all that together, he could have felt hopeless and bad about life. Then he can start to plan and desire to have revenge and want to hurt the world that may have hurt him.

“And, of course, he had access to weapons. So you put all that together. He fits the profile of a mass killer. Was there a terrorist aspect to this? We don’t fully know yet but the two are probably linked – this is a guy who had been taunted, who have possibly been persecuted, didn’t believe in the war, didn’t want to go to war, felt helpless, didn’t have support, didn’t have anyone to turn to. And what does he do? He creates a plan of revenge that also is exacerbated by motives also related to terrorism.”

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List of the profile/common traits of a mass murderer:

  1. Male 16 – 25 (10 females have been involved in school shootings 1979-2018)
  2. Possible exacerbation of aggressiveness and tendencies to violence due to psychiatric medication
  3. Depression
  4. Fascination with violence and/or weapons
  5. Social withdrawal
  6. Victim mentality
  7. Persecution complex
  8. External blame
  9. Extreme chronic stress
  10. Feelings of powerlessness
  11. Lack of emotional support from friends and family
  12. Lists of grievances (people who wronged the murderer)
  13. Feelings of extreme disappointment, frustration, failure, rejection or despair
  14. Inability to cope with life and its disappointments
  15. Triggering event – feelings that life is now hopeless, bad and beyond redeem
  16. Plans and desires for revenge against those who caused them to suffer (often family members or co-workers)
  17. Desire to hurt the world believing that they are victims in a cruel unjust world which hurt them
  18. Access to automatic weapons
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