Simple Wisdom – Just Do Right!

Simple Wisdom – Just Do Right! Do the right thing!

In this week’s Success Newsletter, I would like to share the wisdom of Maya Angelou – perfectly suited for the beginning of another new year.

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Now, let’s talk about the wisdom of Maya Angelou which is perfectly suited for the beginning of another new year.

Maya Angelou (April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014) was an American author, actress, screenwriter, dancer, poet and civil rights activist best known for her 1969 memoir, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.”

At age 82, Maya Angelou shared some simple yet powerful wisdom with Oprah Winfrey:

Maybe the hardest part is that if you teach you have to live your teaching. Hmmm. You can’t say, ‘Do not as I do, but do as I say.’ No. No. You have to say, ‘I’m doing my best to live what I teach.’

I have a painting by Phoebe [Beasley] of a group she calls “Sister Sookie’s Funeral.” All the women there – about 9 women – and they all look like the women in my grandmother’s prayer meeting.

So whenever I am obliged to do something, I take that painting, and I look at that painting, there is an empty chair and I think ‘What would grandma do? What would she say?’ I can almost hear her voice saying, ‘Now sister, you know what’s right. Just do right.’

You don’t really have to ask anybody. The truth is right may not be expedient, it may not be profitable, but it will satisfy your soul.

It brings you the kind of protection that bodyguards can’t give you. Try to be all you can be, to be the best human being you can be. Try to be that in your church, in your temple; try to be that in your classroom

Do it because it is right to do.

People will know you and they will add their prayers to your life. They will wish you well.

I think if your name is mentioned and people say ‘oh hell, oh damn’; I think you are doing something wrong. But if your name is mentioned, and people say ‘Oh she’s so sweet; he’s so nice; oh I love her; God bless her.’ There you are!

So try to live your life in a way that you will not regret – years of useless virtue, and inertia, and timidity.

Pick up the battle. Take it up!

It’s yours. This is your life. This is your world.

I’ll be leaving it long before you, under the ordinary set of circumstances.

You make your own choices. You can decide life isn’t worth living, and that can be the worst thing you can do. How do you know, so far?

So try it try it; see. Pick it up. Pick up the battle and make it a better world. Just where you are. Yes. And it can be better. It must be better, but it is up to us!

Painting that Maya Angelou references “Sister Sookie’s Funeral” by Phoebe Beasley

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