3 Tips for daily happiness

3 Tips for daily happiness

3 Tips for daily happiness

3 tips to daily boost your happiness by Human Behavior & Relationship Expert, Patrick Wanis PhD


1. Gratitude:Begin the morning by reciting a list of all the people and things in your life for which you are grateful; then choose one of those items on your list and spend a moment thinking about the reasons you are grateful for that person or thing, and how you feel as a result i.e. “I am grateful for Angela my best friend. She supports me, accepts me and always listens to me; I feel unconditionally loved and accepted around her…”

2. Relaxation: Switch everything off, stop the clock for at least 30 minutes, and do something that you really love; escape into a hobby, fun activity or something that celebrates or relaxes you i.e. reading a book, going for a walk, cooking, yoga, photography, listening to music, watching a sunset, playing with your pet and so forth. Be childlike – engage all of your senses, lose yourself in the activity, free of guilt and without thinking about the past, future or other responsibilities.

3. Recognition: End the day by listing verbally or on paper all of your successes of the day – even the small ones i.e. “I enjoyed being proactive and applying for a new job; I enjoyed taking care of my body & health and working in the gym…”

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