The 6 red flags – When To Dump Him

The 6 red flags - When To Dump Him

The 6 red flags – When To Dump Him


A healthy successful and rewarding relationship requires commitment, compromise, understanding and second chances. But what is the limit? When is it time to dump him?

Author of “What a woman wants” Patrick Wanis says there are at least six red flags that signal when it’s time to dump him. Patrick Wanis, a Human Behavior Expert and life coach, says the greatest obstacle facing women in unhealthy relationships is their low self-esteem which in turn only worsens the problem.  Patrick is the perfect expert to discuss:

  • The top sex red flags to an unhealthy relationship
  • The two extreme types of women -those that dump on impulse and those that won’t let go no matter how poorly they are treated
  • Women’s insecurities, fears and low self-esteem
  • What a woman should expect from a relationship
  • The key to determining if it is time to dump him

If you want to create great TV or radio and have these questions answered by an intelligent, controversial & insightful expert with loads of personality, and an Australian accent, then Patrick Wanis is your expert.

The six red flags

  1. Any and all forms of abuse -mental, physical, emotional
  2. Does not make you feel special
  3. Not listening or paying attention or being with you
  4. Not expressing understanding, empathy or sympathy
  5. If he does not prize and treasure you, Never holds you and/or tells you that you are the one, the only one
  6. If you argue more than you laugh

These behaviors are also red flags, although, they are more prone to being changed:

  1. if he only touches you sexually and rarely affectionately
  2. Comments on other women’s beauty but never yours
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