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Women Cannot Have It All

Women Cannot Have It All
Women Cannot Have It All
Women Cannot Have It All

-Women need to be a mother first and a career woman second

Movie star, Jada Pinkett Smith recently told a Harvard audience, “Women, you can have it all – a loving man, devoted husband, loving children, a fabulous career …You can do whatever it is you want.” Is that true in the real world? If you are not a rich movie star, can you have it all? At what cost? Are women being selfish or even realistic by wanting it all?
“Women CANNOT have it all”, says Patrick Wanis, a psychotherapist, human behavior expert and better-life coach. Patrick has authored various books on love, happiness and relationships. Patrick also states, “Based on research, quantity time is more important for children than quality time.”

  • Do mothers need to be home for their children?
  • Is raising children only the responsibility of women?
  • What do single mothers need to do?
  • Who are the casualties when women work full time?

If you want to create great TV or radio and have these questions answered by an intelligent, controversial & insightful expert with loads of personality, and an Australian accent, then Patrick Wanis is your expert.

UPDATE: Read the article by Patrick Wanis to women: “You can’t have it all”:

AND READ – “Women can’t have it all – women suffer, children suffer, women lose their husbands and end up in divorce” :

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