America’s Obsession With Young Girls

America's Obsession With Young Girls

America’s Obsession With Young Girls

The GQ magazine photo shoot featuring Glee actresses in sexually suggestive poses dressed as schoolgirls is yet another example of America’s obsession with young girls and youth, according to one behavior expert.

“Although the actresses are adults, they are dressed as schoolgirls and this promotes and drives the male obsession and desire for younger and younger women ” says Patrick Wanis PhD – Human Behavior & Relationship Expert, originally from Australia.

“Miley Cyrus sent the same message with a sexually suggestive and topless photo shoot for Vanity Fair when she was just 15, and Britney Spears promoted the same older male obsession with schoolgirls with her video “Baby one more time” and with the lines from the song ‘I am not that innocent’ says Wanis. “While some critics believe that these sort of actions serve to sexualize school children, they also promote the ideal that the younger the woman, the hotter and more attractive she is. In turn, this encourages men to cheat on their wives and girlfriends with younger women, or should I say, younger girls.” says Wanis.

“The GQ Glee photo shoot also sends the message to women that if you want to be attractive and appealing to men, then you need to be really young – a teenager – and sexual. And while America seems obsessed with youth and young girls, it gives little value to age, experience and wisdom. Other Western countries like the UK and Australia prize experience, insights, wisdom and education above youth.”

“And in 2008, a company began to market in the US, high heels for babies! In general, we are over sexualizing young girls and the result is rampant cases of Body Dysmorphic Disorder among girls as well as stolen childhoods and a loss of innocence. Maybe Britney was right and speaking for many teenagers when she said ‘I am not that innocent’” concludes Wanis.

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    Patrick Wanis says:

    Dear Linda,

    You have a story to share obviously. I am curious as to what you did in response to the bullying and how you got over it.
    And yes, I agree, as I said in my newsletter, the bullying does not justify murder, suicide or drugs or alcohol but it does explain some of it. And yes, I agree that we are all personally repsonsible for our actions.
    Also, please repost your comments with the corresponding article:

    Criticism & bullying destroys love & relationships:

    All the best,

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    Linda says:

    I understand what you are saying about bullying. I was bullied myself but I did not kill myself. I understand what it does to people. I have been there not only as a child but I was in my first marriage. but again I didn’t kill myself and I didn’t turn to drugs or alcohol.

    I think bullying is wrong and being judgemental is wrong. But what people choose to do to get away from it is their choice not the person who is doing the bullying. people can get away from those people. We can’t always go around blaming people for the choices we make. We are the ones that decide what we do with our lives.

    if we were taught not to listen to what everyone else says and believe what they say than this would be a better world. do we have to agree with what someone else believes in? No.

    Again it is like black people blaming white people for them being poor and not making anything for themselves. Or white people blaming black people for all the murders and bad in the world. We have got to stop blaming everybody else for what we decide to do.

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