Another Attack On Women

Another Attack On Women

Another Attack On Women

A new TV reality show where brides-to-be compete in challenges to win extensive surgical procedures is another attack on women and reinforces the message to women that they can never be good enough, according to one behavior expert.

“Women are bombarded everyday with advertising and messages that there is something wrong with them, something missing – they need to look younger, slimmer and change the shape of their body – they need to be perfect ” says Patrick Wanis PhD, Human Behavior & Relationship Expert. “This new TV show on E!, Bridalplasty, tells women, that even after a man has fallen in love with you the way you are, and chosen to devote himself to you in marriage, you still need to do more, you still need to be better because you are simply not good enough. This show also promotes narcissism, Body Dysmorphic Disorder to women and it is objectifying women as sex objects when it brainwashes women into thinking their most important and probably only asset is their physical beauty and body.”

Anointed “The Woman Expert”, Dr. Wanis says “The show Bridalplasty is also damaging to relationships because it encourages the show’s participants and all female viewers to focus on their body and not their inner beauty or the love they can express and bring to the marriage and relationship. The show uses such challenges as writing wedding vows and planning honeymoons as a selfish means to win plastic surgery rather than focusing on the partnership of marriage and the way that partners can serve and love one another” says Dr. Wanis.

“And taking women who already have a warped self-image or who might be suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder and placing them in a show that promotes and exacerbates their existing condition is extremely dangerous and could further damage them as it negatively impacts their identity and sense of self-worth”, concludes Wanis.

Originally from Australia, Patrick Wanis PhD, is a Celebrity Life-Coach, Author, Expert in Human Behavior and Relationships and a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a PhD in Health Psychology. Wanis has appeared on FOX News, MSNBC, Extra, the Montel Williams Show, Mike and Juliet, Cosmo, Rolling Stone, InTouch Weekly, Women’s Health, Dating on Demand, E! TV, Vh1,,,, NY Daily Mail, NY Post, etc. Wanis is the first person ever to do Clinical Hypnotherapy on national television. WGN Chicago and Syndicated TV show, “The Daily Buzz” anointed him “The Woman Expert” and FOX News pronounced him “A voice for women.” Over five million people have read Wanis’ books in English and Spanish.

Read the article by Hollie McKay of featuring quotes and insights by Patrick Wanis PhD about the E! show “Bridalplasty”:

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