Are you a Toxic Friend? Do You Affect or Infect people?

Affect or Infect

Affect or Infect

In this Success Newsletter, I would like to talk about the impact we have on people around us: do we affect or infect? Are you a toxic friend?

Recently, I was on the Danny Wright All Night syndicated radio show.  Danny has a great heart and is someone whom I greatly respect. I continually encourage him to believe more in his talent and self. Danny asked me on-air “So what happens when a happy person gets together with an unhappy person? Won’t the happy person lift the unhappy person?” ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘but only to a slight degree. The unhappy person will eventually bring the happy person down because it takes twice as much energy to lift someone as it does to drag someone down. This principle applies to all relationships – romantic, personal and professional.’

With whom do you choose to surround yourself?

I also explained that ‘No one can make you happy. Someone can make you happier or unhappier but not happy. In other words, no one and nothing outside of you can make you happy or complete you. Of course, they can contribute or bring you moments of joy, laughter and fun but not make you happy ever after or compensate for your lack of self-love. The fallacy regarding soul mates is that “out there, somewhere, is someone who will complete you and make you happy.” No. Two happy people come together and make each other happier…’

So, how do you impact people?  Do you affect or infect people? Do you raise people’s spirits and moods or bring them down? Do you inspire, motivate, support, praise, encourage, express appreciation, acknowledge people -their talents and gifts? Do you look for the good in everyone and everything or, do you act cynically, criticizing, judging and condemning? Do you seek possibilities or failure?  Do you live from your heart or do you act out of fear? Do you welcome and embrace love or do you push it away? Do you shine the light of example or seek to walk with walls around you not allowing anyone to get close to you and not sharing your love?

None of us is perfect, and we will all make mistakes and have moments of doubt, uncertainty and fear. Every one of us will have moments when we are down but the key is to ponder about the way we choose to live our life most of the time. Your consciousness, energy, thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs affect people around you. Look at it another way, you are highly significant because you affect people around you – making them feel better or lousy. You can choose to express your true, core essence of love and acceptance or you can cast darkness and fear onto others. Once you truly grasp that you have great impact on others, you can step beyond fear and self-doubt by focusing on contributing to others.

My mission is to “Teach people that you are worthy and you deserve the best!” and I never know how that will play out. Below is a testimonial from a reader of one of my books, with whom we have exchanged many emails over a couple of years but have never met in person nor spoken over the phone. Believe me, when I say, you too, are impacting people around you right now…


I hope you never get tired of hearing this but I wanted to thank you again and again for everything that has happened since day one. You were there for me during the darkest moments of my life. You listened to everything I said and remained there instead of running away. You helped me and cared so much. I knew all along that I was better and stronger than that and some days I would fight it and other days I couldn’t. You are an incredible person and I’m thankful for your kindness and enlightening words. Keep reaching out to people, they need you.Please keep Randy and I in your prayers.

Much love,Cher

Ladies, remember that no one can make you happy or love you more than you love yourself, so please check out my audio book “Get the man YOU Want!”

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I wish you the best and remind you “Believe in yourself -You deserve the best!”

Patrick Wanis
Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior & Relationship Expert & Clinical Hypnotherapist

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