Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke – “Bloody Tasmanians” Controversial Interview

Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke - _Bloody Tasmanians_ Controversial Interview

Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke – _Bloody Tasmanians_ Controversial Interview

At age 24, Patrick Wanis achieved another milestone in Australian history: at age 23, he had became the youngest talk-show host in Australian history, and at age 24, he interviewed the Australian Prime Minister – and on numerous occasions.

This controversial radio interview was broadcast on Friday August 7, 1987 on multiple stations across the Tasmanian Broadcasting Network. The 23rd Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Bob Hawke, spoke with Patrick for more than 22 minutes.

The Tasmanian newspapers ran a front page headline with Mr. Hawke saying “You bloody Tasmanians have had it good for far too long.”

When Patrick questions Mr. Hawke about the comment, he strongly attacks Patrick for believing what he reads in the newspapers, and says “What about if I get someone to put in the paper tomorrow that you are child molester?”

Patrick calmly replies “Well, I would take out court action against you.”

Mr. Hawke who had admitted to having a problem with alcohol, telling a TV interviewer “I take refuge in a drink” but “on occasion I have taken that refuge too much…and I put myself at risk”, was recognized for his confrontationist style. Mr. Hawke was swift at attacking any interviewer if he didn’t like the question. This radio interview is no exception; it is full of moments where Prime Minister Hawke assaults Patrick with personal attacks, and often he doesn’t answer the question. However, it is also a significant piece of Australian and Tasmanian history as it covers various issues that arose leading into the second term of Mr. Hawke; it was broadcast just 3 weeks after the Australian Labor Party won its historic third successive election.

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