Babies – too innocent for stilettos – sexualizing and objectifying babies

Babies - too innocent for stilettos - sexualizing and objectifying babies

Babies – too innocent for stilettos – sexualizing and objectifying babies

Most people quickly associate stilettos and high heels with sexy women, promiscuity, strippers and prostitutes.  Heelarious, a company created by two women, thought it would be funny to create high heel shoes for babies. And given that it is expected that the gift bags for celebs at the Emmys will have these shoes included, now the even bigger issue is: pop culture’s impact on how we raise our children and how we show them to the world.

“Mothers are dangerously losing sight of their true role – to love, nurture and guide their daughters and to teach them to realize their full potential.” says Patrick Wanis PhD, a therapist, author and Human Behavior Expert. “Instead we now have examples of mothers who are trying to outdo each other because of peer pressure, social status, and are showing off their babies as sexualized objects rather than beautiful beings who should be recognized, appreciated and identified for their innocence, vulnerability and helplessness” says Wanis. “By buying these stiletto shoes for babies, women are selling themselves out, and adding to the exploitation of females.”

Recently Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place featured an episode called “Quinceanera” which in the Latin culture is the celebration of coming of age, when a young girl is becoming a woman. This occurs at age 15. The “Quinceanera” in Disney’s TV show is symbolized by a ceremonial “changing of the shoes” from a flat to high heel.  The women who created these stiletto shoes for babies are not aware that they are sexualizing female babies and objectifying women. “When women endorse the sale of high heel shoes for babies, they become hypocrites of our own culture” says Wanis “Disney’s definitely got this one right.”

“Parents still need to monitor when and where their daughters where heels,” Wanis cautions, “and parents, particularly mothers, need to be aware that children need guidance, perimeters, and boundaries.  We must set our own lines and boundaries for what is right and wrong and beware what is psychologically dangerous to the emotional and sexual psyche of our babies.”  Keeping children aware and protected from sexual predators is at the forefront of America’s minds, but the continued bombardment of sexualization of young children can potentially lead to pedophilia. The media and pop-culture are desensitizing new mothers into thinking that it is OK to view young children and babies as sexual objects. They forget that daughters (babies) are not there for the physical, visual or sexual pleasure of mothers or fathers or the general public.”

Patrick Wanis PhD is not affiliated with Disney and has no financial interests in Disney.

Additional talking points:

  • Stilettos for babies (that cannot even walk) are on sale in UK, Canada, Switzerland and US
  • Sex sells – even when it has to do with babies
  • These shoes were created by two women, what would women have said had they been created by men?
  • Creators say they are just “trying to create an experience, a keepsake.” Patrick Wanis PhD says they the creators are only interested in creating and experience for themselves without any concern or awareness of the consequences. Vanity and self-gratification always have consequences.”
  • Author of “Get the man you want”, Patrick Wanis PhD who teaches women how to raise their self-esteem and take back their personal power says “This could be a dangerous first step to later dressing up children in more sexual clothing which programs the child to view itself as a sex object and later becomes its identity, affecting the child’s self-image, self-concept and self-worth as she grows into adulthood.”
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