Ban Bad Celebrities?

Ban Bad Celebrities?

Ban Bad Celebrities?

Extreme transparency and listening to Mel Gibson hurts us as much if not more than it hurts him according to one behavior expert and therapist who says we need to separate the art from the artist and realize many artists and entertainers are dysfunctional and not necessarily morally good people.

“We have become more interested in the artist’s personal life than his or her art and the danger is that it will simply end our enjoyment of their work – movies, songs and TV shows” according to Patrick Wanis PhD – Human Behavior & Relationship Expert. “While there is no defense for Gibson’s behavior, most artists and Hollywood actors and actresses are riddled and driven by their emotional pain and dysfunction; very few artists, entertainers or even athletes are morally worthy of being role models, and there is no real tangible benefit for us by delving and reliving all of the details of incidents such as Gibson’s rant and tirade. As we now learn more and more about the sordid details of the personal lives of artists such as Mel Gibson or even Lindsay Lohan, we are damning the art as well as the artist and we can never again fully enjoy the artist’s work. If we do this with every artist, there will be no art left to enjoy ; do we ban all bad celebrities? Michael Jackson was an alleged pedophile; Cecil B DeMille directed the biblical epic “The Ten Commandments” but he was a married man with serial mistresses; Phil Spector produced some of the biggest musical hits of the 1960s but he was found guilty of murder; Academy Award winning actress Liza Minnelli struggled with alcohol abuse and allegedly beat up her fourth husband;  Singer Bing Crosby and actress Joan Crawford were child abusers – her daughter Christina recalls her mother dragging her from bed in the middle of the night, aged nine, to beat her over the head with a can of scouring powder for leaving soap streaks on a bathroom floor.; best-selling author, Stephen King says he was so frequently drunk that he can’t even remember writing CUJO and; movie director Woody Allen married Soon-Yi, the adopted daughter of his former girlfriend. Do we throw out all of the art as we damn the artist and damn their art?” asks Dr. Wanis.

“With the power of technology and the internet we now have developed extraordinarily dangerous and destructive transparency and now we are more interested in the real life bad behavior of people such as Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson than we are in their acting; Lindsay’ greatest and possibly only career now is her real life drama.”

“When we look deeper into the personal lives of celebrities, entertainers and those we mistakenly idolize and when we seek out all of the sordid details, we warp and erode our image of them, with little benefit for us; perhaps it is best to focus on their artistic contribution and not get so heavily involved in their personal lives” concludes Dr. Wanis.

Originally from Australia, Patrick Wanis PhD, is a Celebrity Life-Coach, Author, Expert in Human Behavior and Relationships and a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a PhD in Health Psychology. Wanis has appeared on FOX News, MSNBC, Extra, the Montel Williams Show, Mike and Juliet, Cosmo, Rolling Stone, InTouch Weekly, Dating on Demand, E! TV, Vh1,,, etc. Wanis is the first person ever to do Clinical Hypnotherapy on national television. WGN Chicago and Syndicated TV show, “The Daily Buzz” anointed him “The Woman Expert” and FOX News pronounced him “A voice for women.” Over five million people have read Wanis’ books in English and Spanish.

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