Chris Brown – Toxic Friends = Bad Outcomes

Chris Brown - Toxic Friends = Bad Outcomes

Chris Brown – Toxic Friends = Bad Outcomes

The latest legal trouble for singer Chris Brown is yet another striking example of what happens when you hang out with toxic people.

Chris Brown was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after a woman called for help from a gathering at his home.

Like many young celebrities who get caught up in the glamour of parties and entourages, Chris Brown still hasn’t learned that who you hang out with can affect you positively or infect you.

Reports claim there were many uninvited guests who showed up to Brown’s house and Baylee Curran who claims Brown threatened her with a gun is still lying about being a beauty queen.

Baylee Curran is lying when she claims to be Miss Regional California 2016 – she was stripped of that title 2 months after winning it and she has refused to return the sash and tiara, and, she is lying when she says she is the 2016 Miss California USA Ambassador.

While Curran may very well be a victim, Brown still is surrounding himself with the wrong people who are using him and perhaps he could learn from Lindsay Lohan who took years to awake to the truth that she became toxic because she surrounded herself with toxic people and emotional vampires.

Brown can’t clean up his behavior & life emotionally and psychologically until he wipes out the toxic people!  READ MORE about Toxic Friends and Emotional Vampires


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