Fathers And Their Negative Impact On Daughters – Study

Fathers And Their Negative Impact On Daughters - Study

Fathers And Their Negative Impact On Daughters – Study

A study in the US and New Zealand which followed 820 girls during their childhood from pre- kindergarten to age 18 reveals that: 

fathers are the greatest risk factor for daughter’s early sexual activity and adolescent pregnancy. 

Another study of 10,000 girls reveals that “Girls who have poor relationships with their dads tend to seek attention from other males at earlier ages and often this will involve a sexual relationship.” The CDC in 2008 revealed that 25% percent of teen girls have a sexually transmitted disease, and now, HIV is the fastest growing disease among teen girls. Is dad the key factor behind these shocking findings? Patrick Wanis has been teaching for more than a decade that a girl’s childhood relationship with her father will affect the quality of her adult relationships with men, her sexual activity, self-esteem, weight, success in life and happiness.

Patrick Wanis speaks with Linda Nielsen, professor of adolescent psychology and women’s studies at Wake Forest University in North Carolina who has been teaching a “Fathers and Daughters” course since 1990, conducting research among her college students for almost 20 years. Her work mirrors Patrick’s work and teachings. Patrick and Linda reveal specific ways that daughters can heal their relationship with their father, offering advice, insights and strategies to help women regain their power, sense of self-worth, confidence and self-esteem.

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