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Gurus & brainwashing – Mahendra Trivedi is Jesus Christ?

Gurus & brainwashing - Mahendra Trivedi is Jesus Christ
Gurus & brainwashing - Mahendra Trivedi is Jesus Christ
Gurus & brainwashing – Mahendra Trivedi is Jesus Christ

The following is Part Eight of an expanded transcript of a detailed and in-depth interview Patrick Wanis PhD Human Behavior Expert gave to Michele Morrisette with  about gurus, cults and brainwashing. Here Patrick Wanis reveals the controversy regarding Mahendra Trivedi, a purported guru whose marketing materials promote him as worthy of comparison with Jesus Christ and Albert Einstein. Click here for previous part of the interview, Part Seven:

Patrick Wanis: The original marketing was referring to Mahendra Trivedi as Jesus Christ and Albert Einstein. Now let me just find it because I want to read that specifically for the exact wording. Mr. Trivedi’s mission – and I’m quoting here from the 2010 internal marketing plan about Trivedi, which was also sent out to internet marketing affiliates. “Mr. Trivedi’s mission on this planet is unique. Never before has a person been born with Mr. Trivedi’s qualities and gifts. Many may compare him to Jesus Christ or Einstein. Others may rise up in offense declaring outrage against Mr. Trivedi’s gifts. The brand should be prepared to weather extreme reactions.”

Mahendra Trivedi is Jesus Christ and Albert Einstein
Mahendra Trivedi is Jesus Christ? Click on this image to enlarge the document and read it

Now, what they’re saying right there is, this man is Jesus Christ and he’s Albert Einstein. Don’t tell me “ooh, we are saying he’s being compared to…” Why would you be acknowledging and validating other people’s comparisons? Who are these other people? That’s just marketing terminology or garb. I mean, garbage, to say that ‘we are actually suggesting to you that he is Jesus and he is Albert Einstein but we’re not telling it to you directly because we’re attributing it to another group of people.’

‘We’re saying many people have compared him…many people may compare him.’

“Some people…many people”?

What? So it would be like me saying ‘many people say Michele is the hottest, sexiest, most intelligent woman on the planet.’

Michele Morrisette: Well, thank you …

Patrick Wanis: You’re welcome .What I’ve just done is that I’ve given you those qualities by saying someone else has said it about you. I have attributed those qualities to you via other people. We call this in the sphere of persuasion and influence “Social proof” – ‘other people believe X and are doing X, and so, therefore, it is must be true and valid and you should be believing the same and doing the same.’

So in the marketing, they’re trying to subconsciously convince people that this man Trivedi is Jesus Christ and Albert Einstein. Read “Persuasion and Influence Secrets”

So let’s look at that for a moment.

I will start with Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein was a scientist and a physicist. Trivedi is not a scientist and he’s not a physicist.

Albert Einstein wrote 300 scientific papers. I don’t think Mr. Trivedi has done that.

Albert Einstein was recognized as a genius. We can’t make any conclusions about Mr. Trivedi because we haven’t seen conclusive scientific evidence. I will come back to that because I know any of Trivedi’s followers would be quite annoyed by that statement.

Albert Einstein changed – in fact was part of the – was partly responsible for the theory of quantum physics.

Albert Einstein came up with a whole new perspective on the theory of relativity. He changed science. He changed science.

Albert Einstein won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Albert Einstein was directly responsible for the creation of the atomic bomb even though he actually was against it and spoke very strongly against the use of atomic power as a weapon, but he’s the one that came up with it.

Albert Einstein in 1999 was named as Time Magazine’s Man of the Year.

So when you come out and say Mahendra Trivedi is like Albert Einstein, what about him are you saying?

Are you saying that Trivedi is a scientist, a physicist?

Has he written 300 scientific papers?

Has he won the Nobel Peace Prize?

What has he done that has impacted humanity on a global level? Because that’s what Albert Einstein has done, number one. So, I don’t see any comparisons to Albert Einstein unless Mr. Trivedi happened to be born in the German empire and was Jewish but I don’t think he was.

All right.

Now we say ‘some people have compared him to Jesus’. What do you mean by that?

Are you saying that Trivedi is the son of God? Are you saying that Trivedi is perfect the way that Jesus was?

Are you saying that Trivedi was being compared to Jesus because Trivedi is conducting miracles and healing people spontaneously? If you’re saying that, you need to have clear documentation and proof of that. Here’s why.

So far, the scientific evidence that’s being presented – all come from India. There’s nothing wrong with that but if you look very carefully at it, there is nothing clear that says: Michele X, Y, Z came along. We did a test and then Michele X, Y, Z – five minutes later, we tested her and her whole blood has changed and her whole hormonal profile has changed. That is not in the scientific evidence.

Then we have Penn State University. The only US institution to test Mr. Trivedi is saying we wanted – we were eager to find something greater than this and there’s nothing here, nothing. Then Penn State University – remember this is an academic institution that is looking at it scientifically – because if you are going to present me scientific evidence – then I should be able to look at it scientifically and question it; and Penn State says, “Well, we also looked at the fields that he says he had blessed, the crops.”

Mr. Trivedi took a field. It was not sprayed by any chemicals and he blessed it. Then he compared it to another field that he hadn’t blessed but which incidentally had been sprayed by chemicals. Were those fields next to each other? So you have got to look at the documentation and the evidence.

Look what Penn State wrote, first about the plethora of data that Mahendra Trivedi offers on his website as alleged evidence of his supernatural powers/blessings:

“A careful examination of the x-ray diffraction data and the FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) spectroscopy data posted on his website failed to show any differences of merit between blessed and unblessed.  YES, there is a ton of data there, but we couldn’t find anything that showed a meaningful change.  There was some BAD data there… Nothing in his database showed anything extraordinary.”

“Lots of data.  We found nothing meaningful.”

In other words, they are saying the data on his website is meaningless and shows no differences between his blessed and unblessed crops. However, his marketers realize that the average person wouldn’t be able to make that determination and would simply accept the claim that he has Divine powers to change molecular structure.

Look what Penn State wrote after testing and researching Mahendra Trivedi:

Here at Penn State, Trivedi “blessed” some corn from Dr. Surinder Chopra, a Professor of Maize Genetics.  These were evaluated in the laboratory relative to controls and no genetic changes to the corn were found.

Mahendra Trivedi was tested extensively at the Penn State University’s Materials Research Laboratory on several occasions from June – September 2009, and we did not observe any changes in materials or their properties as a result of his “blessings”

Interestingly and possibly, more revealing, Penn State’s Dr. Tania Slawecki (who wasn’t paid to do any of the testing) reveals in her report (cited above) that Mahendra Trivedi ‘blessed’ Professor Rustum Roy of Penn State numerous times over a period of a few months because Professor Rustum wanted “to use his personal experience as a judge of whether Trivedi was real”, but Professor Rustum who had previously been extremely healthy began to become very sick and the ‘blessings’ did nothing; Professor Rustum died in July 2010 – and he requested prior to his death that his name be removed from the Trivedi Foundation Website.  [Read more about Mahendra Trivedi’s unsubstantiated, undocumented or false claims here: and read about accusations by former employees against Trivedi here:  ]

Why couldn’t Mahendra Trivedi help Professor Rustum?

Now, the next thing is there are people who are going to say me, ‘Wait a minute Patrick. I attended Mr. Trivedi’s seminar or I was one of his attendees. He blessed me and I was healed or my father was healed or my mother was healed or my brother was healed.’

So then let’s look at the term that Mr. Trivedi is a ‘healer.’

Can anyone really heal you?

Well, let’s go back to the person that has been recognized as the greatest healer of all time and that would be Jesus Christ.

Update: Trivedi loses lawsuit against critic exposing his false claims:
Highly-Dubious Spiritualist Making Highly-Dubious Claims Loses Highly-Dubious Defamation Lawsuit Against Critic

Click here for Part 9 of the expanded transcript of the in-depth interview by Patrick Wanis PhD, Human Behavior Expert about gurus, cults and brainwashing; Patrick Wanis explores the link between belief and healing – revealing that Jesus often first questioned people He was about to heal whether or not they believed he could heal them. Why? 

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