Gurus & cults: Money, lies and hypocrisy

Gurus & cults: Money, lies and hypocrisy - why do gurus have to be young and rich? Why do they want to be young and rich but don’t use their own claimed supernatural power to do so? James Arthur Ray taught Law of Attraction and Harmonic wealth, labeled himself a Spiritual Warrior but he used drugs, steroids and growth hormones to stay young instead of the Law of Attraction

Gurus & cults: Money, lies and hypocrisy –
why do gurus have to be young and rich? Why do they want to be young and rich but don’t use their own claimed supernatural power to do so? James Arthur Ray taught Law of Attraction and Harmonic wealth, labeled himself a Spiritual Warrior but he used drugs, steroids and growth hormones to stay young instead of the Law of Attraction

Why gurus who claim to have  “supernatural powers” still use drugs to stay young, and obsess over money and riches

The following is Part Twelve of an expanded transcript of a detailed and in-depth interview Patrick Wanis PhD Human Behavior Expert gave to Michele Morrisette with  about gurus, cults and brainwashing. Here Patrick Wanis reveals the hypocrisy of many gurus who claim and profess to have supernatural abilities including the ability to heal but whom actually use Western medicine, steroids, growth hormones and plastic surgery to look and stay young. And they keep that part a secret! Click here for previous part of the interview, Part Eleven:

Patrick Wanis: Having said that it is possible or at least plausible, that if a person can place a blessing on you, that they therefore can also place a curse on you, I will answer your question about ego and how power corrupts and how we transform.

The very first thing is, you have to start out by having the right intention: Is my intention to heal people or is my intention to become really rich, really powerful and really famous?

Jesus didn’t charge people for healing.

Now I know Jesus was in a different society and that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be well-rewarded and well-compensated for our gifts, our talents and our abilities. Of course, we should. They’ve been given to us. We should use them to help other people. We should be well paid for them. But if you are now going to start charging people extraordinary amounts of money and thousands of dollars to do this work, then the question arises: is the work about your gift and about your ability to heal and make a difference or is it about money, power, ego, greed and instant gratification?

If Mahendra Trivedi has this gift, why is he only sharing it with people who can afford it? Why doesn’t he walk down Venice Beach to one of the homeless people? Why doesn’t he go around the country and heal homeless people? What a great example of saying some people would compare him to Jesus. Read the article explaining the way Mahendra Trivedi’s marketing team was comparing him to Jesus Christ:

If you’re going to compare him to Jesus, then let him be humble like Jesus and go and heal the prostitutes, the homeless people, the sick people, everyone, not just the people who have saved up their money or run a credit card. That’s a key point. So you have to look at it and say, “Why do these people, the sick, ailing and needy have to be charged so much?”

Here’s another thing I’ll share.

Not many people might know about this.

In one of the original live teleseminar phone calls that Mr. Trivedi did talking about selling his blessings and talking about his work, a caller said to him, “What about the gulf spill?” This is around the time of the gulf spill – in 2010. Could you – since you have the power to heal and transform matter and do physical transformations, can’t you reverse the gulf spill? Can’t you clear out all the oil? Because science can’t do it right now. Mahendra Trivedi replies that he needs to be well paid before taking any action to heal and help: Yes, of course I can but they’re not paying me enough. They’re not offering me enough money. They will have to offer me a lot of money to do that.


So you care so much about humanity, about people, about helping, about healing that you are saying, you know what, I see tens of thousands of birds dying. I see the shrimp industry destroyed. I see people’s lives impacted. I see nature and all the plant life in the ocean being killed by this oil spill and I could actually change it but I won’t unless you give me money.


Because I need the money, because I need to buy a bigger house and to have more cars and more possessions and I want to be like James Ray? I want to live in Beverly Hills? I want to walk with all the celebrities?

[Quote from official website of Mahendra Trivedi In 1995 he received “guidance” from Universal Intelligence that the gift he had been given was now to be used for the welfare of mankind. He began to see the impact of this energy and found that it had the ability to transform humans for a higher purpose, by all means. “I know that I received this gift for a higher purpose and to seek the truth,” Mr. Trivedi says. “It is simply my role to bring this energy to the world.”]

So, what I’m saying is look at people’s intentions and motivations. James Ray may have started out to be a great teacher and I think he was a great teacher. I think he definitely had a message. But then what happened to him? He decided he wanted to live in Beverly Hills.

Now most of the self-help gurus and all the people from The Secret live in San Diego, Encinitas or La Jolla. That’s the spiritual enclave and I’m not saying that’s right or wrong. I’m just saying that’s what it happens to be (for people that are listening that are curious about where these people live.) Anthony Robbins lives in La Jolla. Most of these people live in Encinitas, La Jolla and San Diego. You might say, “Well that’s good. That’s a beautiful place.” Yes, it is. It really is.

James Ray decided he wanted to buy a multi-million dollar home in Beverly Hills. Is there anything wrong with that?

No, there’s not.

But why did you choose Beverly Hills, James?

Because you’re a teacher of The Secret, you could live anywhere. Do you not want to live in the mountains or by the ocean? You want to live in Beverly Hills. Why is that? And why did you choose to go to an anti-aging doctor to look really young and to take hormones, growth hormones so you can stay young? Is that about your message? Do you believe that if you don’t look young, people won’t listen to you? Do you believe that people will only believe in The Secret if they actually see you as being young?

[Read ABC news article about the finding of a suitcase full of drugs “Investigators said they found a suitcase full of prescription drugs, including steroids, in Ray’s hotel room after the sweat lodge.”   Also, police found prescription drugs and anabolic steroids in James Ray’s suitcase as well as human growth hormones. In a letter from Dr. John Crisler, DO, PLLC he states he prescribed these medications to James Arthur Ray:

Additionally, police found prescription bottles of:

And if The Secret and the Law of Attraction is so powerful and it can transform our bodies – because the movie and the book The Secret says: “If you are fat, it’s because you have fat thoughts”, then why does James Ray need to turn to growth hormones or steroids?

Why does he need to turn to and use Western traditional medicine and drugs?

Why didn’t he just have young thoughts?

And it has been claimed by “some people” that Mr. Trivedi has had two facelifts, that he has had plastic surgery. Why isn’t he just blessing himself? Why doesn’t he look in the mirror and bless himself and say, “I’m younger now”?

And why is it important to any of these gurus, to be young?

Are we talking about what matters as being something inside of us or something outside of us? Because if you’re now talking about materialism and vanity and greed and lust and ego, then you’re no different to anyone else and incidentally, I will share this with you and I’m sure you want to get me off the phone by now.

Michele Morrisette: No, this is fascinating and we appreciate every minute that you’re spending with us. So please …

Patrick Wanis: Well, thank you and as you can tell, this is one of my passions and incidentally I’m not getting paid for this and please don’t compare me to Jesus, to Albert Einstein or anyone else.

Click here for Part 13 of the expanded transcript of the in-depth interview by Patrick Wanis PhD, Human Behavior Expert about gurus, cults and brainwashing: the link between lust, vanity & greed and spiritual healers; the way gurus and self-professed spiritual healers hide behind marketing and false images.

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