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Heath Ledger’s Death: The Real Story?

Heath Ledger’s Death The Real Story?
Heath Ledger’s Death The Real Story?
Heath Ledger’s Death The Real Story?

Famous radio personality, Danny Wright (Wright All Night syndicated radio show) interviews Patrick Wanis for his insights into Heath Ledger’s death. Recorded just a few days after Heath’s death, Patrick Wanis says that his experience, insight and expertise tell him that Heath was suffering from depression. Later, revelations about Heath prove Patrick to be accurate in his comments and summary of Heath. But Patrick goes much further and much deeper into Heath’s psyche, chillingly predicting that much more will be revealed about Heath in the time to come and Patrick is proven correct yet again.

Update: July 27, 2016; Heath Ledger’s father Kim Ledger told a reporter that Heath’s death was entirely his fault because he took the drugs and said that Heath’s sister had warned Heath the night before his death about mixing medications.

“His sister was on the phone to him the night before telling him not to take the prescription medications with the sleeping tablets,” Kim Ledger said.

“He said: ‘Katie, Katie, I’m fine. I know what I’m doing,'” Kim Ledger recalled. “He would have had no idea.”

Click below to listen to the interview.



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