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How Gullible Are You? Cults, Gurus & James Arthur Ray

How Gullible Are You Cults, Gurus & James Arthur Ray
How Gullible Are You Cults, Gurus & James Arthur Ray
How Gullible Are You Cults, Gurus & James Arthur Ray

New Age Guru, NY Times bestselling author of “Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want”, and a featured teacher on “The Secret”, James Arthur Ray, is on trial charged with the reckless manslaughter of three people who died in James Ray’s sweat lodge when they attended his “Spiritual Warrior” retreat in October 2009. Of the 55 people who participated in the Sweat Lodge, some were doctors, engineers, salespeople, small-business owners and other professionals who paid $10,000 to break down personal barriers. And to do so, according to CNN and the trial, “they were willing to shave their heads, meditate in the desert for 36 hours without food and water, then symbolically die and be reborn in the sweat lodge ritual.”

Witnesses in the trial speak of some of the participants wanting to please James Ray and feeling intimidated by a man who made all sorts of promises such as “to have one of the most intense altered states you’ve ever had in your entire life.”

Participants engaged in extreme exercises that involved role-playing, sleep deprivation, lectures, journal writing, fasting for 36 hours and extreme physical challenges.

Some commentators such as marketing expert and author, Dave Lakhani, have criticized James Arthur Ray, accusing him of “cult tactics” and accusing the Law of Attraction as being nothing more than a “cult” belief.

How did these professional people fall into this dangerous situation? Did they get conned? How could they be so gullible to pay $10,000 and be lead almost to their death? What type of person could be so gullible? How gullible are you? What are the dangers you should be aware of?

Jim Peake of interviews Human Behavior Expert Patrick Wanis PhD to discuss the dangers of gurus and cults and to explore the culpability of James Ray and the participants. Patrick Wanis PhD reveal the emotional states and vulnerabilities that can lead a person to fall into a cult, be brainwashed or simply give away power and control. (Listen to an earlier interview Patrick Wanis PhD gave to Jim Peake about the dangers of gurus and cults, and read the full article Beware of Gurus – the danger of cults by Patrick Wanis PhD. Scroll further down to watch Patrick Wanis PhD on HLN News speaking in-depth about James Arthur Ray, his sweat  lodge and the three deaths.

Click on the play button below to listen to the interview now.

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