How To Approach A Girl, And, How To Get A Date In 5 Minutes

How To Connect With A Woman – By Her Sign by Patrick Wanis

How To Connect With A Woman – By Her Sign by Patrick Wanis

The Mad Hatta, Jimbo and Nnete from 97.9 The Box put Patrick on the spot when they ask him what does it take to pick up a girl and win her over.

The Mad Hatta is shocked when Patrick “Zodiacs” Nnete and immediately and accurately guesses her Zodiac sign. Patrick gives great advice on how to approach a girl and how the venue and circumstances make all the difference regarding what type of woman you will meet, what you will say and how you will say it to her.

Radio interviews Wanis 4Steve Robison and Jeff McMurray display true creativity. They begin with a seemingly normal straightforward interview about Patrick’s book, and then announce they want to test his techniques. Steve and Jeff bring into the studio a surprise guest -a female listener who knows nothing about Patrick or his book. Steve and Jeff now give Patrick ten minutes to work his magic on Amber. In a matter of a few minutes, Amber agrees to a date with Patrick to go shopping to Victoria’s Secret and to model the lingerie for Patrick.

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