Is Sarah Palin Seducing America?

Is Sarah Palin seducing America?

Is Sarah Palin seducing America?

The media has made numerous requests and calls for me to offer my insights as a Human Behavior Expert and Celebrity Life Coach to explain Sarah Palin’s sudden and instant popularity.  

Here are my responses summarized:

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin appears to have taken America by storm and is quickly becoming a celebrity.

Why is she so popular?

Patrick Wanis PhD, Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior Expert and Clinical Hypnotherapist says: “Sarah Palin represents what many women would aspire to be in the 21st century. Sarah Palin:

  • Is a former beauty queen
  • Still looks attractive and healthy; her face has a beautiful glow to it
  • Has a family
  • Is intelligent and successful in a man’s world – politics
  • Has more power than her husband
  • Is feminine
  • Is homey and appears sincere
  • Still maintains a down to earth organic image in spite of her success – she wears glasses, hair is carefully tied up in a bun to look cute, sweet, feminine and approachable
  • Is charismatic, articulate,  good speaker, and she exudes confidence and courage

Men like Sarah Palin even more than women like her according to a recent poll:

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey out Tuesday indicates that 62 percent of men questioned have a favorable opinion of the Alaska governor, nine points higher than women.In the poll, conducted Friday through Sunday, entirely after the end of the Republican convention, 23 percent of men have an unfavorable view of Sen. John McCain’s running mate, seven points lower than women.The gender gap is also apparent when it comes to whether Palin is qualified to serve as president. Fifty-seven percent of male respondents said Palin was qualified, 14 points higher than women. A majority of women polled, 55 percent, said Palin is not qualified.Overall, 50 percent of all respondents think Palin is qualified to serve as president, compared with 70 percent who see the Democratic nominee for vice president, Sen. Joe Biden, as qualified.

So, why does America appear to embrace her in a way that they never did with Hilary Clinton, and why does she have such strong appeal to men?

Sarah Palin doesn’t try to be a man. She competes on her own terms. Hilary Clinton was very hard, harsh, cold and exuded more masculinity than femininity. Hilary Clinton gave off a subconscious vibe of being a bitter, cold and jaded woman.

Generally women can relate to her much more than they could to Hilary:

  • Hilary was the tall-poppy – so successful and powerful that the average woman cannot relate to her
  • Hilary was never simply the everyday woman who did well or succeeded; What Hilary experienced no other woman could have; she was married to a US President who cheated on her and yet she still stayed strong. Many women felt that Hilary Clinton might have been more of woman if she had divorced him
  • Hilary appears angry and bitter. Her smile doesn’t come off as sincere

Women are looking for a female role model but one that they can relate to. Sarah is that role model to the everyday woman. Remember that Woman got the right to vote in 1920, 53 years after blacks got the right to vote in 1867 with the Reconstruction Act. And women can imagine or aspire to be like Sarah Palin because it is much more palatable and appealing than aspiring to be Hilary who comes off now as harsh, jaded and as defeated.

Sarah Palin may not end up getting the vote because of other criticisms and concerns about her success as a mother or possible lack of substance on the issues that count for America, but for now, Sarah Palin is a celebrity and a rock star – just like Barrack Obama.”

Patrick Wanis PhD
Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior Expert and Clinical Hypnotherapist

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    Patrick says:

    Dear Anna,

    I hope you also read the press release and the extensive comments and analysis I gave on my blog: Media storm over press release: Is Sarah Palin seducing America?

    If you look back to when Palin was first chosen, she was very popular with women. Read the many reviews and critical acclaim by various female commentators about Palin. And I stand by the analysis I gave of Palin at the outset and if you read my blog: “Media storm over press release: Is Sarah Palin seducing America?” you will notice that I made a powerful prediction which has now come true: “Finally, in an interview I gave Tuesday September 09, 2008 to XM Radio’s show “Broadminded” which is a show hosted by three women who agreed that we all (men and women) too often act vainly by being first attracted by physical appearance, I predicted that soon American opinion will sway against Sarah Palin. And notice I gave my prediction three days prior to Sarah Palin’s interview with ABC’s Charlie Gibbons…“

    I was specific when I conceded that both men and women give into vanity and first appearances and that a woman is only so beautiful until she opens her mouth at which point she becomes either more beautiful or quite ugly. It is obvious which Palin has now become and just as I said would happen – American opinion has now swayed against her. Even female conservative writers who once supported her have turned on her – on eeven asked her to resign from her party in the best interests of her party and the country! I still believe that Palin is smart, intelligent, charismatic and a great speaker but, as I said on Spanish TV, the afternoon before the debate between Palin and Biden, Palin’s downfall is not her lack of intelligence but rather her arrogance. Women have now turned against her because they now know who she is and what she stands for and yes, generally speaking most of that is against what women want.

    Let me be clear that there is a vast difference between intelligence and education. It is obvious that Palin is intelligent but greatly lacks education. And before you jump and say, “Patrick, how could an intelligent woman believe and promote the things she does?” I will say that we are emotional beings and the sad truth is that our emotions always win out over our logic and reason. Almost all of Palin’s platforms are based on raw emotion and have little connection to reason, logic or even justice.

    And incidentally Hilary’s downfall is not that different from Palin’s – arrogance. Hilary Clinton automatically assumed (out of arrogance) that she would easily defeat Barrack Obama. And this point supports my above points – both Hilary and Palin are intelligent but overrode their logic with emotion – arrogance.

    While you might think that my comparison between Hilary and Sarah is laughable, I humbly suggest that you speak with more men to learn that my perception of them is what most men perceive and they are turned off by cold and harsh women who give off a vibe of being angry or bitter. And whether you like it or not, men are attracted to feminine women and both men and women were first strongly attracted to Sarah Palin because she appeared as the everyday women who succeeded and spoke ‘straight.’

    Now, would you really like me to offer a comparison between John Mccain and Barack Obama based on their masculinity? I will say this: Masculinity includes traits such as assertiveness, confidence, energy, incisiveness, determination, strength of mind and body, stamina, nobility, self sacrifice and leadership. Now Anna, you decide which of the two is more masculine: Obama or McCain…

    Thanks for sharing your points of view and keeping the conversation lively and stimulating. In case, you didn’t notice – I enjoy a good debate. LOL.
    All the best,

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    Anna says:

    Geesh Patrick, in which decade were you born? It doesn’t seem you have a clue about how women think, but who could blame you, you’re a man. Your comparision between Hilary and Sarah is laughable. I’d love to hear your comparision between John Mccain and Barack Obama based on their masculinity.

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    Patrick says:

    One more point for the ladies that have gotten mad that men act with their penis – and yes, too many of them do. Please read my blog about “Babies – too innocent for stilettos.” I stick up for women’s rights and I teach women how to raise their self-esteem and take back their personal power. Now, please read that blog to see what women are doing to their female babies. If a man had done this, we would be screaming pedophilia and child porn…Why are women allowing this to happen by buying these shoes? I can assure you that the men are not buying them…

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    Patrick says:

    Dear Anandi,

    here we go again. Did you read my comments in the other blog article – “media storm over press release: Is Sarah Palin seducing America?”

    I think it will answer and address most of your concerns. Having said that, first, thank you for qualifying my comment about the right to vote for black men. I intended to say that black men got the vote 53 years before white women. You are correct.

    I don’t understand what you mean by “Thanks once again Texas (via Australia) for screwing the American people. ” Are you referring to George Bush who lives in Texas? I am Australian but I don’t live in Texas.

    Now let me respond to your paragraph:

    “Thanks for the stroll down the what men and I will do whatever you want cuz you are so cute lane.” Tthat road (being lead by what you have below the belt) has never led to good for the country. And, it spells ruin for the entire country.”

    First no where in my blog did I say that I support Sarah Palin, and no where did I say that I will do whatever she wants. Second, do you think all of the challenges facing America are lead by the penis (what men have below the belt)? How did the penis create the war in Iraq? Didn’t Hilary and other female politicians support it at first? Was it only men who voted in George Bush? If you are saying patriarchy created a lot of our problems, I would say yes, it is usually olde men that send young men off to war, but wait a minute, Margaret Thatcher sent men off to war and Sarah Palin supports war – unless you have some inside knowledge, they do not have a penis.

    You said the media is going soft on Palin by treating her with kid gloves. First, it’s her party that is preventing her from doing media interviews, so it is hard for the media to attack her comments if she is making few of them. Second, Saturday Night Live didn’t go soft on her and neither did Charles Gibson on ABC news.

    Please re-read your own sentence: “The media, the government, the people who control the election are screwing us all by not addressing the real issues.” I will repeat your words, “the people who control the election” – you are those people, the voters. So do something about it.

    Finally, if you believe that life coaching “is about looking at the entire picture to assess accurately” then please do that first before making so many assumptions that are not accurate.

    Most of all, don’t use me as your punching bag when you are angry at the real people who control the election, you the voters!
    All the best,

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    Anandi says:

    Thanks for the stroll down the what men and I will do whatever you want cuz you are so cute lane.” Tthat road (being lead by what you have below the belt) has never led to good for the country. And, it spells ruin for the entire country.

    You wrote, “Remember that Woman got the right to vote in 1920, 53 years after blacks got the right to vote in 1867 with the Reconstruction Act.” Not entirely true. It should read: “Remember that women got the right to vote in 1920, 53 years after Black MEN got the right to vote in 1867 with the Reconstruction Act.”

    And, you forget a few other things that make Palin appealable to older men and to McCain. For any man going through the mid life crisis or an older man like McCain, she hits the spot. Pundits report the McCain is more enthusiastic now and appears less grumpy. Well, what 72 year old while man wouldn’t standing next to Palin. She’s got spark. McCain acts like he is on his first date. In fact, that’s what she is for the republicans, a great date you can take home.

    Here is a 72 year old man running for president who has recurring cancers, high blood pressure, heart disease, and malignant melonoma, kidney disease and seriously NOT medically qualified to hold the highest office in the land who is in no way fit to fulfill the obligations of the office. And, in walks Palin who thinks foreign policy is having Russia in your backyard and who the media is treating with kid gloves.

    We, Americans deserve better in the 21st Century. If we think an old man already experiencing memory lapses and a beauty queen who shoots wolves for pleasure from the air in the white stark of winter are the best candidates to address the national and global issues for the next four years, then, we are in deep trouble.

    Palin’s appeal is that she allows those of us who don’t want to face reality to go numb with the belief that none of this (lies, deceit, greed, fear) will negatively affect us ever.

    The media, the government, the people who control the election are screwing us all by not addressing the real issues and trying to sells us a dead man walking by wrapping him in a sweet smelling, sweet talking, lying woman who could care less about the national or global issues.

    And, you sir, could have couched your analysis in the political reality instead of jumping on the media band wagon. Thanks once again Texas (via Australia) for screwing the American people. You give a bad name to life coaching which is about looking at the entire picture to assess accurately.

    for reality not lies,


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    Leah says:

    Hi There and thank you for your note. I love Sarah Palin. She is the strong, no nonsense kind of administrator that I am. She has a “to-do” list – one that I understand. I like her straight talk. These are tough times. I do not understand what Obama’s initiatives are at all. Yes, I know he wants to inspire hope, happiness and a brighter future but he has no plan-of-action for real reform and problem-solving in his campaign. This causes fear – not trust on the part of the regular voter.

    The media has not held a fair “news-media” trial of Obama- it is probably because they do not want to seem to be against a black presidential candidate. I can understand that. But the media seems willing to rake the new female candidate over the coals. Strange. It has backfired however. Her non-perfections and media-highlighted family problems are the same ones we all we love her more for them.

    Although no Harvard graduate, she is a real American…..I know we will never find her stating that she “can finally say she is proud to be an American” and strange anti-American rhetoric like that given in speeches by the Obama family.

    I plan to vote for Sarah Palin and appreciate that media experts like Patrick Wanis, PhD focus on her strengths. Thank you.

    Leah Lou Patton

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